Benefits of Alkaline Ionised Water

Benefits of Alkaline Ionised Water

Water is necessary for health. With the UltraStream alkalising and ionising tap water thus changing energy-lacking tap water into a valuable resource your body can benefit from, the gifts of health you receive are immeasurable.

L.C. Vincent, chief government hydrologist for France found that the healthiest people in France consumed copious amounts of water that had a high hydrogen ion content.. He also discovered that the areas in the country that had the most disease statistics consumed water contained no excess hydrogen.

The many ways you can use UltraStream's alkaline ionised water

  • Drink daily to neutralise free radicals in the body, rejuvenate the body and cells, detoxify the body, and increase energy. The OH- ions in alkaline water release oxygen into the cells, which improves cell function and detoxification.
  • Health benefits as reported in Japanse and Korean hospitals: normalises high or low blood pressure, and reduces acid buildup in tissues and the blood.
  • Using alkaline water for cooking, makes food tastier, tenderises foods.
  • Soak beans before cooking to make them more tender and flavourful, and to reduce gas.
  • Cooking rice: When rice is kept in alkaline water for 30~60 minutes before cooking, the steamed rice glitters with moistness and an aromatic fresh taste. The rice can then be freshly preserved and does not easily spoil, even in the heat of summer.
  • Alkaline water eliminates the bitter taste of coffee and the puckery taste of black and green tea, whilst boosting the subtle tastes and scents that are unique to the different types of teas.
  • Drinking one or two cups of alkaline water upon excessive drinking (basically a hangover), or on an empty stomach or before sleeping is very good for the health... Hydration, hydration,hydration!!!
  • When vegetables and fruits are cleaned with alkaline water, they can be preserved for long periods of time and maintain their freshness.
  • Mixing powdered milk in alkaline water can improve absorption.
  • Alkaline water eliminates the pungent taste of bamboo shoot, herbs, taro and brown seaweed, and boosts their original tastes when used in cooking. In particular, the alkaline water neutralises the smell of fish and enhances its taste.
  • When seeds are kept in alkaline water before sowing, the rate of sprouting is increased. The water also helps plant cuttings take as well as improving the success rate of grafting.
  • Providing alkaline water to pets and animals can dramatically improve their health and energy.


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