Rik Deitsch Activated Liquid Zeolite Q & A – Part 1

Rik Deitsch Activated Liquid Zeolite Q & A – Part 1

On March 4, 2006, physicians and other health care practitioners were able to ask questions of biochemist Rik Deitsch about the liquid zeolite detoxifier, Activated Liquid Zeolite (NCD).

This transcript is PART 1 of that conference call.

Rik Deitsch holds both a B.S. in chemistry and an M.S. in biochemistry from Florida Atlantic University. He conducted his Ph.D. Research for the Duke University Medical School Comprehensive Cancer Center. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer for NutraPharma Corporation, a publicly traded biotechnology and pharmaceutical company dedicated to researching neurological disorders and viral diseases. Rik Deitsch is the co-author of the books Invisible Killers and Are You AgeWise? What You Need to Know to Stay Young and Healthy, and has authored several papers on rational drug design using computer simulations.

Q: How much of this product should someone take if they're sick and how is it taken exactly?

Rik: I can't give medical advise of any kind but I bought some Liquid Zeolite and started taking it for preventions sake. It's very easy to ingest as it's just a liquid in a small bottle with a squeeze dropper. For a maintenance dose you take basically 3 drops - 3 times a day on your tongue and rinse it down with water. Taste is odd but even a child wouldn't object and no aftertaste. If you're sick, as you mention, I've read that you can take up to 45-60 drops a day total. After that your body is saturated and there's no additional benefit though there's no maximum dose as it's completely non toxic.

Q: Do we have to convince a doctor to inject this for a cancer patient or can we just take it orally?

Rik: It's ingested not injected. You could tell your doctor or not, your choice, I can't make any suggestions along that line whatsoever. I've talked to 3 local people that were cancer patients that healed up completely within 3 months. They didn't tell their doctors till after the fact and the response they got from their doctors was that since they couldn't prescribe it they weren't really interested in knowing that much about it. It would seem smart to me to tell the doctor up front and let him study up on the product. Not all doctors will act that way as there are doctors involved with bringing this product to the market and many doctors I hear have joined up in various distributor downlines. As I said, testimonials mean little to me unless it's from someone I personally know who was sick and later made improvement, so I'd love to hear back on how it worked for you. The packages come in 3 and 4 bottle packs. At 10 drops a day (maintainance dose) one bottle should last a month. At 40 drops a day you'd go through 4 bottles in a month. That's really not much money if you get results from it. I would try it, expect it to work and if so, praise God that he gave us something so simple and so powerful.

Q: Is there any medication it interferes with?

Rik: I found this posted on one website: WHEN NOT TO TAKE Liquid Zeolite - Contra-indications: Don't take Liquid Zeolite, if you are on A MEDICATION CONTAINING LITHIUM or during active chemotherapy with CISPLATIN OR CARBOPLATIN, which contain platinum. If you are taking Liquid Zeolite, stop taking it 24 hours before your Chemo treatment. Then you can resume taking Liquid Zeolite 3 days after using these chemotherapy agents, and 2 days after using other chemotherapies.

Q: Has anyone you know reported a specific healing crisis when on this product?

Rik: There's only a few issues people have mentioned to me.

  • The Liquid Zeolite tends to dehydrate you somewhat. Waiora mentions to drink extra water. When I need water I start coughing. Once I drink more water I'm fine.
  • One woman reported that it gave her a great urge to go to the bathroom and being in a wheelchair she just wasn't able to get there fast enough so she quit taking it. It's flushing toxins out I suppose, but it's your choice if you'd rather keep them.
  • Don't take it late in the evening because you might have so much energy you can't go to sleep. One guy had to cut down on just the 9 drops a day maintenance dose because he said it gave him too much energy. For me 9 drops a day doesn't seem to do much that I can notice, but I was doing 30 drops a day the first week as recommended for a detox effect and I did have periods of very high energy and problems sleeping. It was also causing problems with my sex drive, or at least my wife thought it was a problem.
  • You're drinking more water than you probably did before taking Liquid Zeolite. More liquid in, more liquid out. Sometimes I have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Sometimes twice, but I'd rather do that than have those toxins laying there in my bladder. If your body wants them out sooner rather than later then I can go with that, it's probably smarter than I am.
  • Some people experience slight headaches that come and go. I was told this product doesn't detox you in the same way other products do where they can make you very ill or tired for short periods, but as it pulls out heavy metals and other toxins there may be brief periods where you get some reaction and one reaction most people mention is a slight headache. Look at it this way... you have some proof that it's working and the boost in your energy level is hard to beat.

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