The Activation Process of Liquid Zeolite

The Activation Process of Liquid Zeolite

With many company's claiming to have the best product, how can you be sure the Liquid Zeolite you're buying is going to do what it's meant to do? Maybe it's another case of "Oils Ain't Oils"...

If you've read my article "Powered zeolite & Liquid Zeolite - A Comparison", you'll understand why when buying a liquid zeolite product, it's VERY IMPORTANT to get the one and only Activated Liquid Zeolite (NCD).

It's your right to ask for test results and clinical studies that show a supplement is worthy of your money. And very few of us love to waste money.

Unfortunately, already there are many who have reached the conclusion that liquid zeolite is not for them; simply because they originally chose to purchase the cheaper brands in good faith.

Well just like oils ain't oils, the difference between getting the raw material and how they get the raw material to the finished health giving product, is huge! And believe me, the process isn't as cheap as it was for me twenty years ago. Technology... you gotta love it hey!

Anyway, anyone can soak powered zeolite in water and leave the heavy material to sink to the bottom of the container, then filter the left over water with decomposing vegetable matter call humic acid that is also meant to help keep the zeolite suspended in the solution. Add a packet of minerals and whallah... call it a wonder supplement. Only Activated Liquid Zeolite undergoes an activation process. This forces the removal of all the toxins inherent in natural clinoptilolite.

The proprietary activation process removes nearly all of the extraneous metals and empties out the zeolite cage - therefore removing any toxins that were found with the zeolite and 'activating' the molecule to be at its most effective.

And understand that the zeolite molecule is, for all practical purposes, indestructible. Heat up to 482° C / 900° F will not crack the molecule and it can be frozen in solution and defrosted without any change in activity. It is also amphoteric meaning that it exists just as well in an acidic or a basic environment.

The zeolite in Activated Liquid Zeolite is activated with a very weak acid (similar to lemon juice) under high temperature conditions.This does not break the zeolite down; it simply forces the evacuation of stored toxins in the zeolite cage. The only thing left in solution after activation is the micronized zeolite and some larger metals that remain in solution. These are: calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

These healthy metals migrate back into the zeolite and help stabilize the molecule. After ingestion, they easily undergo cationic exchange with metals that are higher in the affinity scale of the zeolite (i.e. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, etc.). And as good as zeolite is as absorbing heavy metals for your blood, so too is it good at absorbing heavy metals and toxins from where it was mined from and mined with.

Without undergoing this process, zeolite and all the zeolite products made without cleaning and activating the zeolite will contain toxins and heavy metals as part of the zeolite cage.

The Activation Process of Activated Liquid Zeolite:

Step 1: It starts with raw clinoptilolite that comes from the zeolite mine. This Zeolite is mechanically reduced to a very fine powder. This allows the mineral to easily absorb into the bloodstream and work at the cellular level to bond with heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and other toxins in the body. The zeolite cage size is reduced from about 40 microns down to less than 5 microns. (80% are reduced to less than 1 micron).

Step 2: The micronised powder is added to ultra-purified water in a reaction vessel, natural acids and heat are added to begin purifying the zeolite. The heat is what drives off all volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and other pollutants.

Step 3: The vessel is then cooled rapidly allowing for separation of toxins from the material. This cooling forms a hard layer of toxins that are discarded. This process is repeated at least 10 times until all the pollutants have been removed.  

Step 4: After the toxins have been removed an air-forced vacuum filtration system removes all soluble toxins and neutralizes the solution. The final filtration yields the activated Clinoptilolite with an average particle size of 1 micro metre. All that is left is the pure cleaned out Zeolite in ultra-purified water.

To the best of our knowledge, no other Zeolite brand that is distributing zeolite in a liquid base can use this patented proprietary system to cleanse their zeolite cage without the express permission of the patent holders. Again, to the best of our knowledge, Waiora is the holder of this patent hence why the ingredients listed on the NCD bottle are two... clinoptilolite (zeolite) and water!    

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