Liquid Zeolite – FAQ’s

Liquid Zeolite – FAQ’s

One hundred million years ago, volcanoes rose from the sea, dividing continents, creating mountains and forming much of the land as we know it. As these volcanoes erupted, molten lava and thick ash poured into the sea.

The combination of thick ash and the salt from the sea caused a chemical reaction, and over thousands of years, precious minerals like zeolites began to form in the hardened lava. For centuries throughout Asia, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies to promote overall health and well being. The story of the "volcanic rocks" has been passed down from generation-to-generation as more and more people have experienced its life-changing benefits.

Q. What are zeolites?

A. Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure. Its honeycomb framework of cavities and channels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping, heavy metals and toxins. In fact, because it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature, zeolites act as magnets drawing toxins to it, capturing them in its cage and removing them from the body. Natural zeolites form in nature as a result of a chemical reaction between volcanic lava and saline water. Zeolites have large open spaces or cages in their structures that form channels. These channels allow the easy movement of ions and molecules into and out of the structure. This ability puts zeolites in the class of materials known as "molecular sieves." There are about 40 naturally occurring zeolites and over 100 synthetic zeolites. There are three different classes of zeolites with varying molecular chemical structures:

  • Chain-like structures whose minerals form acicular, or needle-like, prismatic crystals - as found in asbestos.
  • Framework structures where the crystals are more equal in dimensions - as found in chabazite.
  • Sheet-like structures where the crystals are flattened - as found in clinoptilolite.

Another unique and important fact about zeolites is that they are one of the few negatively charged minerals found in nature. The natural properties of zeolites act as molecular sieves, or filtering agents, that attract and trap into them positively charged atoms, ions, and compounds, and can remove them from a system.

Q. Which zeolite is used for Activated Liquid Zeolite?

A. We use naturally-occurring clinoptilolite in the liquid zeolite. This particular zeolite has been used for over 800 years in traditional medicine to improve general health. It has been widely used in its raw form in places like India, China and Russia. In the United States, zeolites have been used in water filtration, air purification, animal feed and even in fertilizers to keep the crops healthy. Now we're using it in an enhanced form using a proprietary activation technology as a dietary supplement.

Q. So, what is actually in this mineral? Is it something that we can find on the periodic table?

A. It's a mineral with a cage-like structure. It's created by aluminium and silica that are trapped in small tetrahedra (pyramid-like structures) created by oxygen atoms. These form 8-sided and 10-sided rings that stack on top of each other to form channels. The aluminium is positively charged and the oxygen around it is negatively charged, giving the entire molecule a net negative charge. This is a very stable compound. For all practical purposes, this is an invincible molecule.

Q. Can the aluminium be absorbed into the body from the zeolite?

A. No. The aluminium in the product is at the centre of a tetrahedron (it's surrounded by tightly-held oxygen atoms). It is not free to exchange into the system. So imagine you have a pyramid that's made of oxygen with aluminium in the centre of that pyramid. It's what they call 'non-exchangeable aluminium'. We have done studies where we have found that Activated Liquid Zeolite increased the excretion of additional aluminium, which means that the zeolite is pulling aluminium out of the body in addition to the aluminium contained in the product itself.

Q. Is there any possibility of the aluminium being released because of this?

A. Absolutely not. The aluminium is in the middle of the tetrahedron of oxygen. So imagine you have a pyramid that's made of oxygen with aluminium in the centre of that pyramid. It's what they call non-exchangeable aluminium. Studies have been done where 100 percent of the aluminium was recaptured as it came out in fecal matter and urine from the patients. Additionally, it has been found that a patient would excrete additional aluminium, which means that the zeolite is pulling aluminium out of the body in addition to the aluminium contained in the product itself.

Q. How does Activated Liquid Zeolite work?

A. The zeolite in the Activated Liquid Zeolite attracts and traps small, highly-charged particles that fit into the pores and channels of the zeolite cage. This includes heavy metal toxins. The Activated Liquid Zeolite has been shown to remove mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals.

Q. Who needs to take Activated Liquid Zeolite?

A. Everyone is exposed to heavy metal toxins on a daily basis in the air they breathe, the food they eat and the water they drink. In order to remove these toxins and maintain a clean and healthy body, everyone should take Activated Liquid Zeolite on a daily basis. We recommend the product for persons 18 years of age or older. People under the age of 18, pregnant women and children should consult their physicians prior to use.

Q. How is Activated Liquid Zeolite manufactured?

A. The manufacturing facility itself is certified to be cGMP-compliant (current-Good Manufacturing Practices) by the FDA. GMP is an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) term for the Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QA/QC) procedures that are standard in the facility. This also includes training of the personnel, storage of materials and micro-analysis of the product. The manufacturing process takes approximately five to seven days. Some of the finished product is sent for analysis using Thin-Layer Chromatography (TLC) and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The product is also sent through a detailed micro-analysis, where it is evaluated for any sort of contamination (bacterial, moulds, spores, etc.). Finally, some bottles from every batch are retained so that these can be tested on a future date if it becomes necessary. We also periodically inspect the manufacturing facility and all of their batch records.

Q. Will heat affect the zeolite in the Activated Liquid Zeolite?

A. The zeolite is an extremely stable molecule that can withstand very high temperatures (over 900º Fahrenheit / 482º Celsius). Hot days will not change the product or limit its efficacy.

Q. Will cold alter the product in any way?

A. The zeolite is completely stable at cold temperatures. If the product becomes frozen, simply defrost it and shake it lightly before using to ensure a uniform suspension of the zeolite.

Q. Can the zeolite in the Activated Liquid Zeolite lower potassium in the body?

A. No. The zeolite has a very specific reactivity series. Smaller atoms with higher positive charges have greater affinity for the zeolite. Heavy metals tend to be small and highly charged while the necessary minerals tend to be larger with lower charges. For example, arsenic has a charge of +3 and a diameter of 1.8 Angstroms. Potassium only has a charge of +1 and a comparatively large diameter of 2.8 Angstroms. Arsenic has high affinity for the zeolite while potassium has almost no affinity for the zeolite.

Q. Is liquid zeolite safe for raw food vegans and vegetarians?

A. Yes it is, actually a number of the leading pioneers in the raw food field have been raving about the benefits of this revolutionary product.

Q. Is liquid zeolite safe for my pets and other animals?

A. Yes, 100% safe. In fact animals respond very well to the liquid zeolite.

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