Is Activated Liquid Zeolite Safe?

Is Activated Liquid Zeolite Safe?

YES, being a 100% natural product Liquid Zeolite is safe for both short-term and long-term use. When ingested into your body the zeolite mineral is completely eliminated within 6 to 8 hours.

The main thing you must remember to do when taking Activated Liquid Zeolite, as anytime when you are focusing on the removal of toxins is to drink a lot of alkaline water.

Water is the nutrient that transports the toxins out of the body via the four channels of excretion. Respiration, perspiration, urination and defecation. Understand it is your respiratory system that moves the majority of toxins out of the body with the respiratory system including both breathing and perspiration (the lung and skin - the skin being the biggest breathing organ of the body).


How can I be Pro-Active in my own healing?

You might consider testing your urine with a heavy metal test kit or even having a hair and/or blood analysis done to determine the extent to which metals are in your system. When the metals are present, they tend to interfere with synaptic responses. They also aggravate the tendency towards free radical toxicity which, in turn, affects many other physiological functions, most especially the intestines.

Healing professionals have been professing the dangers of heavy metal toxicity for over twenty years, but until now the only effective way was with dietary changes that included consuming big doses of coriander (Chinese cabbage) or chelation therapy. If someone were to embark on a program of heavy metal chelation, they would probably be under the care of a medical doctor so it would be wise to contact a health care practitioner who is experienced with the subject of heavy metal toxicity as well as removal of the substances.

Here is a personal Hair Tissue Mineral (HTM) analysis done before Ela Gold embarked on a heavy metal detox using Activated Liquid Zeolite. The results of Ela's HTM analysis are back and with it are positive figures. Ela also took Vitamin C and Germanium-132 once a week.

The essential elements in ppm before 6 weeks after
Calcium (Ca) 383.00 472.47
Magnesium (Mg) 23.9 46.18
Phosphorus (P) 48.00 177.03
Zinc (Zn) 61.00 183.74
Selenium (Se) 0.61 0.92
Sodium (NA) 70.00 46.18

As you can see, liquid zeolite does not take out the good stuff. It makes sense that when the body has less toxins it is better able to absorb the good things.

The toxic elements in ppm before 6 weeks after
Aluminium 24.00 4.00
Antimony 0.57 n.d. (not detectable)
Arsenic 0.89 0.02
Cadmium 0.003 n.d.
Lead 0.84 0.15
Mercury 0.58 n.d.
Nickel 0.23 0.01
Silver 0.95 n.d.
Tungsten 0.08 n.d.
Uranium 0.15 n.d

No surprise Ela has reported her energy levels as amazing!

This testimonial reflects one person's experience with Activated Liquid Zeolite. Your results may vary.

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