MegaHydrate / Crystal Energy - Wetter Water

MegaHydrate / Crystal Energy - Wetter Water

How can billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that can be found in every bottle of both the MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy help your body's chances of hydrating where it matters the most... at the cellular level?

Of all the elements, silica is the most abundant on planet Earth, and as little as it is known, is also a semiconductor. Being a semiconductor means it helps with both the transmission and reception of energy! It could well be the energy aspect that can explain why, when the body is deficient in silica, hair falls out and becomes lack lustred! It doesn't shine!

This same energy transmission & reception quality that silica exudes can also be seen in water tension. Water can be harder than concrete or fluid and soft! Physically this can be witnessed at high diving sports events. You'll notice a stream of water (like someone's left the hose on) breaking the surface tension of the pool where the divers enters the water. Most of us learn early in life if you do a belly-flop in the pool, you'll know all about it! Ouch!!!

The highest potential

It is "water tension" that both the Crystal Energy & MegaHydrate improves thus the term "wetter water".

With the highest zeta potential (or ability to hold an electrical charge) ever measured, both the MegaHydrate & Crystal instantly turns water into a liquid crystal (wetter water), thought to closely matching the fluid surrounding the cells in the body. For it is not the water you drink that matters... it is the water you absorb that matters!

In the video below the difference between the MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy is explained and a snippet from the archives measuring the surface tension of water before and after the addition of the Flanagan silica microclusters.  These nanoparticle silica nanoparticles are found in both the MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy.

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