Green Is The Colour Of Regeneration

Green Is The Colour Of Regeneration

Why are green foods, in particular green leafy vegetables, the food of regeneration?

The answer to that is because of what we're made of and the ancient truism, "Blood is Life"!  We are of the earth and because our human body is made of the earth, we too are governed by the same laws that apply to the physical earth.  By knowing this fact, the evidence is conclusive it is green leafy vegetables that are the foods one must consume in good quantities, if one wishes to slow down the cycle of disintegration and give the wheel of regeneration a bit of a push in the right direction.  

The reason being

Imagine if all of us humans left the planet today! All of us!

How we leave the planet is irrelevent.  Imagine we get onboard really big spaceships or something like the TARDIS.  Small on the outside but monstrously big on the inside.  Then imagine you're up in space and looking down at planet Earth taking photo's. In particular, we're focusing our attention of taking photo's of the land mass.

From the cities to the deserts and what's left of the forests in between.

Then we leave planet Earth's vicinity for two or so years and return and do a round trip tour around the solar system.  Upon our return, while we're in the Earth's orbit waiting to resume our life on planet Earth, we again take photo's of the land mass for our journals.  After this time away, what colour do believe the majority of the land mass would be?

i believe the answer is an irrefutable GREEN!

And it's nigh impossible to proof this fact wrong. For green is the colour of new life. Green is Natures way of expressing her ability to regenerate.  Ever tried not mowing the lawn for a couple of seasons!  And the vines!!!

Be you a planet, a forest or a human, green is the colour of regeneration.  And when it comes to health there is only one way to build and maintain a healthy body and that is by building and maintaining healthy blood.

Your blood is where it's at!

Think about what your blood is primarily made of?

It's made of water and a whole bunch of other stuff in colloidal, microscopic and trace form.  It just so happens that the water content of fresh greens is high in antioxidants in the form of hydrogen ions, minerals, enzymes, vitamins and everything else including the subtle energies of sound and vibration that quantum science senses but as of this moment in time, is unable to see.

It's antioxidants that keep you cranking! Antioxidants stop you oxidising... rusting disintegrating!

The clean green

And then there's the chlorophyll that makes the greens green! 

Many are not aware, but it just so happens that the basic structure of chlorophyll (C55H72O5N4Mg) and blood hemoglobin, are amazingly similar.  Not exact the same but really really but really close.  The difference being the central atom of heme hemoglobin is iron, whereas in chlorophyll the central atom is magnesium.

So when you give yourself greens, you're not only supplying your body with nourishment, your providing your body with a genetic code whose whole purpose is that of regeneration. 

Supply your body with this form of fuel and your body; as per the law, "You are what you eat", will shift vibration to the corresponding frequency of the fuel that you have provided. Go the GREEN!

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