Pregnancy & Back Pain

Pregnancy & Back Pain

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Hi guys, we've just finished a beautiful little TriBreath session and the question came up how do we help relieve the pain felt in the hip and lower back region for as you can see, a beautiful goddess creating a bubba?

Well here's an easy technique for you guys out there to do. You can do it anywhere. As you can see we are in front of the car. You can do it at a kitchen bench, at a table, kneeling next to bed. It's a very simple technique.

Just imagine that as the baby is growing in the womb that the gastrointestinal tract of the mother gets pushed back, so it comes back (if we can just get you to move back here Ellie), all around that area there. So if you look at pregnant females, that pain they feel you can feel that pain oooh this is so sore. It's a big one.

People i'm going to show you an easy technique for helping relieve the pain in your female. And females you can do it on females, its very simple. Ellie if i can get you to come on down and get into the position, just resting your elbows on a table or anywhere. Placing the feet hip width apart, what i'm going to do is bring my left foot in between Ellie's feet.

The reason i'm going to my place my hip there and this hip here, is so the Ellie can then rest her little hips up against my body. My hips are supporting her hips and her body. Very gently, all we're going to do, and just imagine there's the ilium and there's the sacrum. Just coming down nice and easy; its a nice gently tapping rhythm with the sides of your hands.

Remind your partner to breath. And just tap. Tapping gently, gently, gently all the way along around this area. See how we come down to the gluteal area and back up to the top around the sacral region where the sciatic nerve comes out. All we're doing is just simply tapping very gently. You're not trying to bang with force. You’'re not trying to hurt. All you’re doing is cussing it. Doof, doof...

How's that feel Ellie? It feels great, say's Ellie. It feels brilliant, believe me it feels brilliant! This is one of the greatest massage techniques you can use for back pain as well. When i damaged or broke my back this was just great. Anyway, nice and easy and as you can see Ellie is already leaning into me. Relaxing her leg i come on down the leg up into the sacral area. Just giving it a nice little cuss.

Remember the wrists are soft. Its not a hard tense wrist its a soft wrist. Soft wrists... both wrists. You can quicken your pace a bit. Going up and down, up and down. Five minutes; ten minutes and i'm just going to get you to come up Ellie. How's that feel Ellie? It feels amazing! It really does feel amazing! And just to swap over again if we were to do the right hand side all we do is place my right foot in between Ellie's feet and let Ellie rest her right hip up against my right hip so i can take her weight and she's supported and i have access to her left hip. Coming up.

Waving to the people saying hello people. Have a happy pregnancy, give birth to beautiful children, lot's of love and light. Bye

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