Dr. Stewart Lonky – How to Become People-Green Tour

Dr. Stewart Lonky – How to Become People-Green Tour

Invisible Killers: The medical complications of toxic exposures and how to become "body-green tour".

Dr Stewart Lonky's presentation was recorded live on the Gold Coast, Australia in November 2008.

Dr. Stewart Lonky is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine. As a National Institutes of Health post doctoral fellow and as a full-time faculty member at the University of California, San Diego he spearheaded a research team studying the cellular and biochemical mechanisms of lung injury.

His practice involves the evaluation and treatment of patients with toxic exposures as well as patients with lung disease. In addition, he has served as the Chief Medical Officer for a diagnostic device company that developed technologies for the early diagnosis of certain epithelial cancers.

His practice is located in Los Angeles, California. "I am a practicing physician who evaluates and treats patients with the complications of being "toxic". Many of these folks are misdiagnosed, and therefore treated with pharmaceuticals that really don't make them better, but expose them to side effects. My talk will be different from anything you ever have heard."

  1. Learn how high blood pressure, kidney disease, and heart disease are liked to the accumulation of toxins and how you can prevent and treat these problems with detoxification.
  2. Learn how you can reverse the trend of ADD, ADHD, and autism related diseases, as well as early onset Alzheimer's by changing your eating habits and removing heavy metals from your body.
  3. Understand how the accumulation of toxins takes place, beginning in utero, in fetal life, and why no amount of toxin exposure is "too small".
  4. Find out how we can reverse the trend of toxin related diseases in a single generation, without having to clean up the whole environment.
  5. Discover the truth about the increase rates of breast cancer, lymphoma, and childhood cancers, and how this trend will continue unless we start to apply safe and effective detoxification of ourselves....eg "Body Green" approach.
  6. Share with people you care about the latest information regarding the most effective methods to keep the risks of cancer low and the immune system at peak performance.

These are just a few of the topics I will cover in the Featured Audio below. You will gain valuable insight into why we are in an age of infertility that is growing world-wide, and how we all can begin to stabilize and reverse this trend. I add the real- life; clinical experiences that will help everyone understand how important the issue of "invisible" toxins is and how exciting it is to be on the threshold of reversing the trends these exposures are creating.

Dr. Stewart Lonky alerts us to the medical complications of Toxin Exposure (Audio)

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