UltraStream With Tourmaline Energy

UltraStream With Tourmaline Energy

UltraStream With Tourmaline

Within the UltraStream filter media is tourmaline; a prized and beautiful, semi-precious gem. Now recognised, it has become a focus of research at numerous universities and research centers worldwide.

The UltraStream energises water with the assistance of tourmaline.

The reason being Tourmaline has infrared properties and is the only mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth and is also a natural (non-manufactured) source of negative ions and far infrared (FIR) rays.

It is also known to be helpful for improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and strengthening the immune system function. (Niwa Institute for Immunology, Japan. Int J. Biometeorol 1993 Sep; 37(3) 133-8).

Tourmaline - the harnessing of hidden energy

Around 1986, it was found in a research station in Japan that, even though tourmaline was broken down in smaller pieces, a positive and a negative electrode existed on both end of the crystal, and the electrodes never disappeared unless tourmaline was boiled near 1000°C.

In addition, when the positive and the negative electrodes of a tourmaline crystal were connected to each other, it was proven to show low electricity of 0.06mA.

Tourmaline, as is found within the filter media of the UltraStream, is used to naturally transform water into mild alkaline water, reduce water clustering (what happens to our stored water) and has anti-bacterial and deodorant qualities.

Tourmaline has been very well researched and repeatably found to activate animal and plant metabolism.

Tourmaline... a supercharger

In addition, Tourmaline generates FIR that purifies the water, and acts like a 'supercharger', assisting the water alkaliser to ionise and alkalise.

Tourmaline has an immediate and powerful effect on water in the filter with the surfactant effect (makes water wetter).

Negatively ionises water and supports extra negative ionisation in the water alkaliser. (24,140/cc) / FIR (96%)

  • Reduces cluster size
  • Enhances taste
  • Assists alkalisation
  • Minimises water odour
  • Increases DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

Far Infrared Energy

The far infrared (FIR) energy that Tourmaline naturally emits causes a resonance in the body at the same frequency as water. All matter is made up of uniquely-arranged electrons and molecules all moving in unison.

When molecules are illuminated with electromagnetic radiation of the same intrinsic vibration frequency as the substance itself, the electromagnetic wave energy is absorbed and the amplitude of that substance's molecular vibration is increased.

That's why when FIR, having the same vibration frequency, illuminates a substance, that substance will filter out the FIR and experience a "resonance absorption."

This is a process known as "resonance-absorption to heat-generation" with the aid of FIR.

In other words, the vibration of atoms and molecules will result in resonance absorption.

  • When we feel hot, we will instinctively seek shade.
  • When we feel cold, we seek the warmth of sunshine.
  • No one teaches us these responses.

We have an innate desire for a comfortable temperature.

Comfortable temperatures are actually synonymous with a comfortable energy frequency or "wavelength."

That wavelength happens to be 8 to 14 microns - the same as FIR.

The seventy-five percent of our bodies composed of water, protein, fat and other substances - all must function properly to sustain life.

When living things absorb FIR of 8 to 14 micron wavelength, they experience resonance absorption.

The vibrating movement of molecules in living tissue produces an increase in energy which in turn activates cells and enhances metabolism.

Far Infrared Properties

FIR has three properties:

  • Radiation
  • Deep penetration
  • Resonance absorption

Let's look at the relationship between these three properties and living things.

First, radiation: It means it can directly reach human bodies just like light does. For example, sunlight, which is also radiation, reaches earth through the vastness of space.

Second, deep penetration: FIR can reach well into subcutaneous layers of the body (or water) with its deep penetration ability, generating internal warmth suitable for molecule activation in living tissue.

Third, resonance absorption: Once illuminated, there is intrinsic vibration of body components - water, protein, fat, enzymes. And, the interior of molecules - atoms and atomic structures - experience the resonance absorption of FIR of their same frequency. This elevation of molecular energy is known as "resonance and absorption."

In summary, Tourmaline and FIR help to provide you with the most healing and beneficial water available to help to enhance and energise you and your body.

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