Epsom Salt Baths – Why take them?

Epsom Salt Baths – Why take them?

Doing workshops with plenty of people i get plenty of questions. One popular question asked is why i advocate bathing and soaking in magnesium sulphate or what is commonly called Epsom salts so much.

Well the reasons for bathing in the magnesium sulfate are numerous.  The obvious one is the sulphate aspect or simply... sulphur, sulphur, sulphur!

Sulphur is to your body like the volcano is to the Earth!

Without the volcano, the Earth Herself wouldn't be able to blend with the physical aspects of Her being.  It is the Fire aspect of the Earth (the sulphur rich lava) blending the "earth matter" together into something new.  Volcanic eruptions are the way Earth distributes nourishment around the planet to create "fertility" in the soils of the Earth.  Over time the "lava form" breaks down and what we experience over time is lush vegetation and growth due to the concentration of all there is of the Earth.

With a magnesium found within the nucleus of chlorophyll, and the vegetable kingdom breathing out oxygen, you could imagine magnesium is also vitally important for cellular respiration and you'd be right!  Magnesium is required for oxidation-reduction reactions that help the cells utilise oxygen (this aids brain function and ALL cell activity). 

It's interesting to note when magnesium deficiencies occur, respiratory function is also impeded.  Maybe this is the reason why the absorption of magnesium through the skin (in this case soaking in a bath with magnesium added) appears to be a highly effective way to replenish and maintain magnesium concentration (and reserves) within the body!

With the skin being the biggest breathing organ of the body (it's porous), you can get more in without having to go through the gastrointestinal tract.  This removes the possibility which can, when too much magnesium for the body's intestines to assimilate is swallowed, the body gets the runs.  Your skin is the external representation of the internal state of your lungs.  Thus the absorption of magnesium via the skin has plenty of impact upon the health of your body, including the respiratory system... the lungs, with minimal impact if not no impact upon the gastrointestinal tract.  Hence magnesium's use in the treatment of asthma.

Sulphur effects the way the body eliminates toxins.

For centuries, arthritis sufferers and muscle weary people have been helped by bathing in waters that contain high amounts of sulphates.  You see, very simply put, for your body to transport either toxin out of the body or nutrient within the body, you need a carrier and this ship is called sulphur.

Bathing in magnesium sulphate not only helps detoxify the body, it helps the body to absorb, balance and distribute nutrients.  Sulphur also helps the body to utilise protein, build strong nails and keep hair healthy.  The sulfate part of the Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) must not be confused with Sulfa drugs, to which some people are allergic.

The benefits of sulfate in the body are summarized by Dr. Rosemary Waring of the School of Biosciences, in Birmingham, England:

  • Oral supplementation of Sulfate cannot be easily absorbed across the gut walls; therefore, by soaking in this bath, sulfate can be more efficiently supplemented. Sulphate is essential for many biological processes.
  • Sulfate is needed for formation of proteins in joints; decreased sulfate levels are common in the plasma and joint synovial fluids in cases of arthritis. Sulphate is also low in people with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Sulfate is necessary for sulfation, a major pathway in detoxifying drugs and endogenous (toxins from within the body) or exogenous (environmental ) toxins.
  • Sulfate is necessary for the repair and formation of brain tissue. Reduced levels of sulfate can lead to faulty neurological connections and subsequent dysfunction.
  • Sulfate is needed for proper digestion and for proper utilization of digestive enzymes.

A salt of balance

On a mental/neurological level, magnesium is also widely known as an 'anti-stress' mineral as it helps maintain "balance" both physically & mentally. 

When the body's ability to transmit & receive information is compromised, the thinking goes out of whack.  When the electrolyte levels of the body's waters are balanced & harmonised, the mental body can transmit & receive information/communication unimpeded, thus both the Spiritual body (fire) and the Emotional body (water) stablise, attracting, supporting and bringing in new life. 

As for distribution, it's estimated that nearly half of the magnesium in the body is located within the cells and less than one percent remains in the blood.  The remainder combines with calcium & phosphorous for the formation/hardening of teeth and within the bone.  For without magnesium, there would be no regulation from the influence of calcium (contraction) and we'd all just harden up and turn into great big brittle calcium sticks!

When one soaks in a hot bath with Epsom salts added (hopefully with a BIG glass of water with squeezed in fresh lemon juice sitting on the side of the bath for regular sipping), great release can be expected & experienced!

When renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D said, "Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient", even awakening medico's listened.  Based on what i've seen, i couldn't agree more.  i've seen what could be classified as a miracles via the application of magnesium through the skin!  Who would have thought?  You don't have this disease, you have a chronic magnesium deficiency!

What does it mean "magnesium is related to the sun"?

On an energetic level, from deep within esoteric teachings, magnesium is the constellation of Leo's cell salt.

Leo is ruled both exoterically and esoterically by the Sun.  So on a more dense level, magnesium sulphate helps the transmission of information from the Soul or Spirit level to the mental body, then from the mental body to the brain and from the brain to the muscle.  This is why magnesium is used to treat muscle spasms and is a very effective healing tool for pregnant woman especially those in their third trimester.

And the vision gets bigger.  You see sulphur is related to all of the 3 heavenly fires with the 3 bodily or heavenly fires being...

  • Solar fire - related to the Soul or Spiritual Aspect.  The physical representation of this on this planet, is the Sun.  Using the sun, you can make fire!
  • Electric fire - related to the nervous system or Mental Aspect.  The physical representation of this on this planet, is electricity.  Plug the motor into the power-point and it moves into action.  Using electricity, you can make fire!
  • Fire by friction - related to the muscles, organs and bones or the Physical Aspect.  The physical representation of this on this planet is the way we create heat i.e. by rubbing two sticks of wood together.  Using friction, you can make fire.

The cold burns!

Ever wondered why people suffer burns from frost bite in the cold.  The cold literally burns your flesh off.  But it's cold you think! H ow can that be?

Again the answer can be seen by observing the Law of Polarity!  To name a few...

  • For there to be hot there will be cold. 
  • For there to be light there will be dark. 
  • For there to be water there will be fire.

When you take it a little bit further and look at the energetic principles and the relationship between fire and water, you realise that...

  • WATER at its highest frequency is FIRE
  • FIRE at its lowest frequency is WATER.

Fire and water is made of the same stuff, just different polarisation!  As we are over 70% water, in reality, you and i are literally walking masses of living water or living masses of fire.  You and i are a frigging miracle!  How does it feel knowing you and i are "liquid fire" moving?

Fundamentally, this i believe, is the number one reason the body crystalises as it ages.  As the body ages it is nerve function that disintegrates first and foremost.  To experience vitality & health, it's all about the fire in the body's electrolyte levels.  It's all about the fluidity of the fire!  With the disintegration of "neural pathways", the supply of light/information/communication impacts the entire body to the furthest extremities! 

On a very basic level, you can say that aging is primarily caused by the nerves ability to both transmit and receive light diminishing!  For where there is no light, there's no Expansion.  Yet in light's place you will always find the presence of the Mother... the darkness, the contraction, the receiver of light. 

Thus as the fluidic fires diminish, the body crystalises and calcifies!  For on a systemic and energetic level, again in the ancient wisdom, it is said calcium is related to the Moon... a dead planet!

Why is magnesium better absorbed through the skin rather than a tablet?

Have you ever heard the adage, "It's not what you eat, it's what you absorb"?

The amount of magnesium (be it a chloride or a sulphate) you can absorb via the skin, if it were in a tablet, would give you the runs (diarrhea).  Hence again the relationship with the large intestine and magnesium sulphate being used as a universal treatment for constipation in both humans and animals alike.

So when you next feel the need to detox the liver and bowel of dietary and metabolic acids, take 1 to 2 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate in 1 litre of warm water (preferably alkaline water) and drink the entire solution within 5 to 10 minutes.  This solution should be ingested, first thing upon rising.  The detoxing of the bowel and liver generally takes place within 60 minutes after ingestion, so make sure you stay close to a bathroom.

Is a regular soak in magnesium costly?

Magnesium sulphate can be quite costly if you purchase it in small quantities from the chemist or supermarket (about $6.00 AUD for 375grams).  When you consider a good amount to put in your bath is 1-2 kg, do the math and it's $20 and more!  There must be a better way and there is!

Contact a rural produce store or ask your health food store to provide you with a 25kg bag.  Be VERY MINDFUL when it comes to purity.  Do not purchase any magnesium sulphate that is under 99% pure as in some countries it can legally be sold containing trace amounts of lead, arsenic and other heavy metals.

On the Gold Coast Queensland, Australia, both clients, friends and associates pay around $70 AUD for 25 kg of 100% pure magnesium sulphate.  Burleigh Pet Produce has been our local supplier for many decades.  Give them a buzz if you're in the area.

Bathe plenty (1 - 2 times a week), eat lots of raw fruit and veggies (salads etc.) for the hydrogen and get into your breathing.

Walk or run regularly (as over 70% of toxic elements are moved via the respiratory system) and stay strong in body, mind and love!!!

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