How To Have A GallBladder Flush – Part 3

How To Have A GallBladder Flush – Part 3

How To Have A Gall Bladder Flush – Part 3

When doing a gall bladder flush there are a couple of techniques proven to help the avid "seeker of health" achieve success.

If you are aware of them before you start, swallowing 600ml of oil is a lot easier.

  • The first technique is called the cupboard technique!

Basically all the cupboard does is hide the two glasses you hold the olive oil and lemon juice in.

Believe me, if you aren't always looking at these two glasses, (one with oil and one with lemon juice in it), that you're going to swallow 12 times, it makes the thought processes a whole lot easier.  

  • The second technique is to hold your nose as you swallow both the oil and the juice.


Believe me, in the beginning it's easy, after six or seven doses it does get tough.

Holding your nose blocks the smell and taste sensors.

The goal is to get as much oil and lemon down over a prolonged period of time.

It puts the body into crisis so to speak creating causative reaction and that is the release of solidified bile.

Keep in mind if at first you don't succeed in passing stones, don't give up.

It took me a couple of times and i'm so very grateful and pleased i did persevere because my life changed for the better because of that choice and i'm still benefiting from it decades after!

Why does it work? A possible dialogue!

Knowing as much as i know, i know i don't know much with regard to the workings of the systemic system we call life and how the process of life is generated within the body.

Thinking of my vital organs, just because i cannot hear my body communicating with all the parts of itself, doesn't mean this isn't exactly what's going on. 

If for instance, what if the liver and gall bladder did communicate with each other in the familiar "voice" way? If they did i reckon it'd sound a bit like this...

Time is 6.00pm

Liver ( L ) Gall bladder ( GB )

L: How's it goin' Gally? Been a nice little rest hey! Whoa, a bit of lubrication coming down, i'll take care of this.
GB: Oh please allow me liver. Just top me up with the acid if i require it.  I'll be done in a flash!

15 minutes later

L: Whoa. more oil and lemon juice! Gally my friend, back to work for both of us. i wonder if we'll get any salad with it soon?

15 minutes later

L: What's goin' on, there's more coming down! Gally are you okay?
GB: Yea fine! Doin' it pretty easy at the moment. How are you going?
L: I'll be okay if it slows down after this.

15 minutes later

L: Here it comes again. Ohh something's going on!

15 minutes later

It is now 7.00pm you've had four doses of both oil and lemon juice.

L: Hey Gally, it's happening again. Mate are you okay?
GB: Getting a bit stressed. It has to stop soon otherwise i'll run out!!!
L: If it doesn't slow down relatively soon, i'm not sure i'll be able to keep you topped up.

15 minutes later

L: Here comes more oil Gally! Keep on pumping out that bile...

And eventually the gall bladder contracts into an almost spasm-like holding pattern trying to squeeze more bile out and instead of liquid bile coming out it's the dislodged solidified bile balls called gall stones that release.

In reality, as the bile made by the gall bladder is a bi-product of hydrochloric acid that is produced by the liver, gall stones should really be called liver stones.

Good luck... let me know how you go.

Send us some piccy's :-)

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About the Author

Brett Hayes has had an interest in human anatomy from around the age of seven.

Decades later and now with over thirty years’ experience as a body mechanic (injury repair), healer and teacher, the techniques of resurrection and regeneration that Brett shares encompass many aspects including breath/body synchronicity, structural alignment, mind direction and connection to Spirit.

He is the Head Coach and Developer of TriBreath, a practice that use ancient breathing rhythm's as the foundation for specific movements and techniques to help tone, fortify and strengthen your body's muscle and respiratory fitness.

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