What is Ionised Water?

What is Ionised Water?

What is Ionised Water?

Ionised Water is water that has been run through or over energising media to reduce the size of the water molecule transforming water that lacks hydrogen ions to become water rich in hydrogen ions. This process is called ionisation.

The real beauty of this process is minerals present in the water can readily bind to the abundant hydrogen ions thereby suspending the minerals in the water or what is called colloidal (colloid - a solution in which a material is evenly suspended in a liquid but not dissolved in the solution such as salt is dissolved in salt water. In a colloidal solution, the suspended particles can be filtered out).

Alkaline ionised water used for drinking provides for the body stronger antioxidant and absorption benefits due to the higher hydrogen ion content that is created by ionising the water.

This benefits the body in many ways including greater ability for the body to move toxins out of the body and also to negate the harmful effects that free radicals have on the body.

Hydrogen gas and the UltraStream

With the water that provided using the UltraStream water filter for example, not only is it ionised using O-Dobi (ceramics encasing pure magnesium and calcium), tourmaline and ceramic magnets as the energising media, it is alkalised making in particular magnesium bio-available, to help improve cellular function.

Thus, you drink purified, beneficially mineralised alkaline water that is also abundant in antioxidants in the form of hydrogen ions.

Mineral compounds such as fluoride, heavy metals, chlorines for example are trapped within the filter media so all that is left is clean pure water.

Many health experts world-wide use and recommend ionised water to help propel the body into an alkaline state.

It is believed that many life threatening illnesses experienced by the body is due to the opposite of an alkaline environment; an acidic environment.

Countless studies suggest that nearly every single disease known to man (or acidic body disease) is only possible when dehydration at the cellular level, the body is burdened with heavy metal and pesticide residues, mineral deficiencies and an acid environment pervade.


What of the research?

Hydration or water availability to cells and tissues is important for increasing the overall function and health of cells.

Research has shown that babies have a higher level of intra-cellular water typically than adults.

Szent-Gyorgyi in the "Pathology of Water" made the association that muscle tissue, cartilage, connective tissue including skin, "aged" or became less pliable with time due to the lack of water provided to the cells and tissues.

This theory seems to be supported by the fact that the areas where people live the longest and disease free are the areas that have the most alkaline water and water with the highest mineral content and smallest clusters.

That's a long way from the water we drink from most municipal water providers that we drink from our kitchen tap, but with the technologies that are found in the UltraStream, you're certainly moving in the right direction.

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