Evohe MUMS & BUBS Value Pack


Luxurious and Pure skincare needs for Baby and Mum. Perfect gift for new mothers and a convenient and economical way to purchase all the products you will need in one go. Products include 60ml Foam Wash, 100ml Repair Intensive, 30ml Omega 3.6.9 and Bonus: Mums and Bubs Booklet, 30ml Baby Butter, 5ml Mist and 5ml Omega Body Oil. Includes luxurious Bamboo Face Cloth.

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60ml Foam Wash, 100ml Repair Intensive, 30ml Omega 3.6.9

Bonus: Mums & Bubs Booklet, 30ml Baby Butter, 5ml Mist, 5ml Omega Body Oil, and Bamboo Face Cloth

Multiple Applications

Helpful Tips for Foam Wash

1/ Take your Foam Wash with you when you go out & about. If you run into some messy trouble, use the Foam Wash and a cloth to clean you or baby without needing water.
2/ Use Foam Wash on damp cloths as an alternative to baby wipes.
3/ For newborns, dilute the Foam Wash by adding 3-4 tablespoons of pure water to your Foam Wash container.
4/ Make bath time fun by adding Foam Wash into the bath once children are in it. Squirt them with Foam Wash for giggles 

Helpful tips for Repair Intensive
1/ Always carry a Repair Intensive in your baby bag, you never know when it will come in handy. Consider it your “everything cream”. 2/ With baby it seems that there is always more washing of your hands. Use Repair Intensive as a hand cream. It’s non-greasy, which means you can apply it regularly but still be able to use your hands straight after. 3/ If applying to areas of redness or sensitivity allow 3 days of application, rest for 3 and try another round of application as maintenance.

Helpful tips for Omega 3.6.9
1/ If baby’s skin is dry, add 2-3 pumps of Omega 3.6.9 to bath water.
2/ For baby’s prone to cradle cap, regular scalp massage can help hydrate and maintain moisture balance. If dry flaky skin is persistent, use a small amount of EVOHE Face & Body Exfoliant to buff the scalp and remove dry skin. 3/ Omega 3.6.9 has been used with great results by many women for perineal massage in the weeks prior to labour to assist with stretchi

Helpful Tips for Baby Butter
1/ Apply Baby butter to all areas that need soothing and protection – not only for babies bottoms but mummy’s nipples too.
2/ Baby Butter is best applied on clean dry skin. If the area is prone to rash try using a spritz of colloidal silver in-between nappy changes.
3/ Baby Butter is also great as a gentle baby massage combined with a little water or Omega 3.6.9.

Helpful Tips for Mist
1/ When baby is teething and experiences redness or inflammation on the cheek area, try compressing some EVOHE Mist. Simply spray onto the palm of your hands and gently apply to baby’s cheeks.
2/ If baby is upset of distressed, try spritzing the EVOHE Mist in their general direction. The vibrational qualities of the Australian Bushflower Essences can have a calming and soothing effect.

Helpful tips for Omega Body
1/ Apply to clean, damp skin morning or night for all over body hydration.
2/ Suitable to use during pregnancy (avoid strong massage in the first trimester)
3/ Apply Omega Body to help prevent stretch marks.
4/ A great bath / massage oil.


For ingredients see full sized product links above.Patch test before use. Nut oil free. Vegan friendly. Do not ingest. Store below 30ºC. Use within 12 months of opening.

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