Excalibur 100% Stainless Steel Replacement Tray


These trays are ideal for people who require thorough cleaning and disinfecting of their dehydrating trays after their use. They are 100% 304 stainless steel. Fits both 5 and 9 tray models.


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These 100% High Grade Stainless Steel trays are very robust and will stand up to high temperatures and heavy cleaning. This makes them very user friendly as they can be placed in the dishwasher or steam cleaned after use. Great for marinades, meat and tomatoes, etc.

The trays are made from the same high grade stainless steel used in Excaliburs commercial dehydrators. Designed to fit 5 and 9 tray dehydrator models, measuring 15in (37.5cm) x 15in (37.5cm) and 1/4 inch square mesh so no polyscreens are needed.

Click on the video tab to see these trays in action.

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