Excalibur Paraflexx Ultra Silicone Sheets


Excalibur Silicon Sheets are coated with high grade silicone for good non-stick properties. They are easy to clean and can be used time and time again.


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Excalibur Silicon Sheets

These silicon sheets are an available option to the teflex sheets. Teflex being a teflon product has mixed feedback as to safety when warmed. Having a high grade silicon coating allows you to make great tasting treats and snacks made from pureed fruits or yogurt and simply PEEL them off the sheet for easy storage and consumption.

The foods peel off quickly & clean up is easy. Sheets are made specifically so you can use them over & over again.

  • Fits All 9 and 5 Tray Dehydrators
  • Size - 14" X 14"

Please Note: Price quoted is per sheet.

What's the difference between the teflex sheets and the silicon sheets?

The major difference between the teflex sheets and the silicon sheets that Excalibur manufacture is what coats the sheets. The teflex sheets are coated with a Dupont Teflon for the non-stick surface; the silicon sheets use as the name implies... silicone.

The teflex sheets have a slightly longer life than the silicone sheets, and the teflon coating is a lot more durable than the silicon. Bare in mind though that the teflex sheets are coated with teflon.

Excalibur does comment in the manufacture of the teflex sheets that the teflon coating isn't of concern as the highest temperature the Excalibur Dehydrator can reach is not hot enough to release any toxins.

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