Omega TWN32S Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer

Omega TWN32S Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer


The Omega TWN32S Twin Gear Cold Press Juicer adds a new dimension to your juicing experience.  With helical cut gearing to ensure maximum juice availability, you can be assured your getting nutrient and mineral rich juice.




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If you're looking for the highest nutrient-rich juice with more enzymes intact then have a good look over the Omega TWN32S Twin Gear Cold Press juicer. 

Being one of the lowest rpm twin gear juicers in the market at 82RPM's, this low speed used during the extraction process generates almost no heat and friction thus producing very little oxidation where it matters the most.  In your juice!  This lack of oxidisation during extraction process ensures you receive the maximum amount of anti-oxidant potential that the produce you're juicing can provide you.

Being a twin helical-cut geared juicing assembly, your produce is drawn into the juicing chamber by the gears as they go in on themselves.  This makes the Omega TWN32S very efficient at juicing leafy green vegetables such as kale, parsley, mint and wheat grass for example.  To ensure you also get the maximum amount of juice out of the produce you juice, the Omega TWN32S also comes equipped with an adjustable pressure knob on the end of the drum allowing you to adjust the amount of pressure on the exit point for the pulp that helps further compress the produce inside the juicing drum to squeeze out that little bit more.

The serviceability of the Omega TWN32S doesn't stop there.  For those times when the produce you're juicing has different consistency's, i.e. pineapple, cucumber, tomato compared to harder, more denser produce such as carrots/beetroot etc., included in the attachments are two separate juicing screens.  One fine screen for the harder more denser produce and one coarse screen for the softer more pulpy produce.  This provides you with the necessary tools that are required to efficiently juice a wide variety of produce both seasonal and out-of-season.

A warranty for care-free juicing

With a 20 year warranty on the motor and 10 years warranty on the parts, you can look forward to many years of juicing benefit. 

All Omega Juicers are 100% BPA-Free.

Data sheet

Weight 6.50KG
Commercial Warranty 20 Yrs Motor/10 Years Parts
Wattage 150 W
Country of Origin Made in Korea
Finish Satin Silver
Speed 160 RPM (80 RPM equivalent)
Juicer Type Helical Cut Gearing (Triturating)
Manufacturer OMEGA

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