Pre-Filter 10 inch Housing

A robust 10" (inch) Pre-Filter housing designed to hold a variety of filtration mediums to maximise the filtration capacity of your UltraStream water filter.


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This Pre-Filter housing is designed to house a variety of filtration mediums that can prevent prematurely blocking up your UltraStream with sediment when using rainwater or other non-town water sources. Designed for both bench top and undersink filter placement.

Please note: Some WA & SA water also has higher sediment.

For use with:

  • Carbon Pre Filter Replacement
  • Fluoride Pre-Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • KDF Carbon Pre Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • Paper Pre-Filter Replacement Cartridge
  • Polyspun Pre-Filter Replacement
  • Doulton Ceramic Sterasyl Filter For Tank Water
  • Calcium Scale Stoppa

And any standard 10 inch filter.

Includes 2 x 1/4″ John Guest Connectors

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