Alkaway UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package

$699.95 tax incl.


$774.95 tax incl.

Complete kit comes with:

1 x UltraStream water filter (your choice of colours... silver/black or white)
1 x Spout
1 x Vented Faucet
1 x Pressure Limiting Valve
1 x pH Reagent Test Kit
1 x Installation and User Manual – Benchtop & Undersink

What you will need
Electric Drill, Metal Hole Saw (we use Sutton 38mm Cobalt BiMetal Hole Saw for stainless steel sinks, we recommend contacting a expert for stone benches), Masking Tape, 2x Adjustable Spanners.

The kit includes everything you need to install the UltraStream under the sink. With the filter and connecting water pipes all hidden from view, the only thing you see is the attractive water outlet that delivers to you alkaline rich, purified ionised water.

Easy to install if you're handy with tools making a plumber not necessary.

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