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The UltraStream turns ordinary tap water into a hydrating, anti-oxidant, alkaline mineral rich water that quenches the thirst and tastes great.

Equipped with a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system. COMES WITH ALKAWAY 3 YEAR WARRANTY! and 2 BONUS Stainless Steel Bottles from Klean Kanteen ($82.90 Value)

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UltraStream Water Filtration

The UltraStream turns ordinary tap water into chemical-free, hydrogen ion rich drinking water straight from the kitchen tap that tastes great and is completely safe for the whole family including the pets.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the water you drink has been cleansed of harmful additives and pollutants (in most cases almost completely) found in tap water. Say goodbye to Heavy Metals, Toxins, Bacteria, Chlorine, Chloramines and Fluoride (tested for the life of the filter).

Over the life of the UltraStream filter, independent testing showed a 70% and greater reduction in fluoride.

With fluoride being one of the hardest compounds to remove from water, as you can imagine a just a 70% reduction in your daily exposure to fluoride is good news.

With the growing evidence that the inclusion of fluoride into the drinking water is not having a positive impact (just like chlorine is not beneficial to the gut terrain of the gastrointestinal tract) it's welcome news that this additive can be greatly reduced and removed.

Alkalising, Ionising, Super-Hydrating Antioxidant Water Filter

  • Using exclusive O-Dobi ionizing beads and the world's best leading edge filtration media all certified by NSF, USA's highest water filter certification.
  • UltraStream produces the same alkaline ionized antioxidant water as water ionizers ten times the price.
  • UltraStream filters out carcinogenic chlorine, chloramine and a huge range of harmful contaminants including bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals & fluoride.
  • UltraStream filters more efficiently than the most expensive electric water ionizers in the world.
  • UltraStream changes ordinary oxidising, dead tap water to live, alkaline powered water with up to 1000 times more acid-fighting power.
  • UltraStream turns ordinary tap water into an ocean of antioxidants.
  • UltraStream micro clusters to improve hydration.

As for the benefits that drinking alkaline water provides, included within the filtration media of the UltraStream are beneficial alkaline minerals that literally re-mineralise your water making sure that your drinking water is not acidic and is alkaline. With the ionising properties generating anti-oxidant hydrogen gas, with magnesium being included in this water recipe for health, you can be assured you're providing you and your family as close to nature water using municipal tap water as your source.

Please note: Due to higher sediment in SA and WA water and in some rainwater tanks it is strongly advised to install a Mini Paper Pre-Filter prior to your UltraStream.

BONUS with Every UltraStream!

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so you can take your UltraStream water with you to work, school or to the gym, we are including 2 x KLEAN KANTEEN STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLES to the value of $82.90.  Both have an 800ml water capacity...

  • one has a luxurios bamboo capped lid
  • the other one has a plain stainless steel with a sports cap offering a very good flow for drinking on the go.

We have been using these water bottles for years ourselves and can guarantee they are one of the best water bottles out there and are high quality. Also available when you buy the UltraStream and Undersink Kit package.

Fresh, vibrant water flavour

The water that comes out of the UtraStream tastes great and that's no exaggeration.  It truly does turn ordinary tap water into something refreshing and vitalising.  When you drink UltraStream water regularly, it's difficult to enjoy water that hasn't gone through this sort of filtration media.  In fact it makes most of the water delivered in public places very difficult to drink so you'll start carrying a litre bottle around with you everywhere you go.

State of the art technology giving you smooth, silky, wetting water that makes you want to drink more water!  It truly does taste that good!

Ultrastream filtration system

There are seven different filtration media inside the UltraStream that together clean, purify, energise, ionise and sweetens the water providing you with multiple health-enriching benefits. Separating all these different purifying and energising material are 1 micron filter pads (your red blood cells are about 7 microns so 1 micron is really small) making sure everything stays where it's designed to be.

Utilising advanced water filtration technologies including KDF media (Kinetic Diffusion Fluxion) a wide range of harmful chemicals including fluoride and toxic heavy metals are removed.  From there the water passes through re-mineralising media (beneficial alkaline minerals) that turn acidic tap water into pH friendly water.  At the same time its proprietary ionizing media charges the water with negative hydrogen ions, giving it very powerful antioxidant ability.

What this gives you is all the benefits of world-class filtration & ionisation unit that is not only economical and easily transportable, as no electricity or electrical connections are required (all you need is the flow of water).  So even in a power outage, spending a week or two in a holiday unit or traveling in a caravan, you can have access to and drink purified, pristine, alkaline rich, hydrogen ion saturated water!

Water fluoride removal

The UltraStream removes up to 78% of flouride added to municipal water supplies. Using Activated Alumina, which is not to be confused with Aluminum. Alumina (:Al2O3) is made of aluminium coxide, the same substance as sapphire and ruby. That's what it is! It's the same substance as Ruby and Sapphires.

Water heavy metal removal

The UltraStream removes up to 99% of heavy metal contamination found in municipal water supplies. Patented KDF-85 is the best way to neutralise and remove heavy metals in your water. Being the most expensive filtration media in the world, it also reduces the effects of hard water and controls bacteria.

Water chlorine removal

The UltraStream removes up to 99% of chlorine found/added to municipal water supplies. Catalytic Carbon is the best filtration carbon with up to 8 times the surface area of ordinary granular carbon. As well as chlorine, Catalytic Carbon also removes chloramines & VOC’s (volatile organics compounds).

Other water filter features


A vitalising is a gem, believed to be a reason why naturally occurring springs have such profound health benefits to those who bathe in the waters. Considered semiprecious with the unique ability to soften water and impart far infra red energy, its been used in electric ionisers for many years to sweeten and soften the water coming out.

Ceramic magnets

Ceramic magnets help energise and stabilise the pH and hydrogen by creating a strong magnetic field that is positioned after the O-Dobi to maintain its effect.

O-Dobi beads

Encasing pure magnesium and calcium, O-dobi beads slowly release these elements to alkalise and to infuse the water with hydrogen gas. Tested to show 3x the hydrogen delivery of a $4000 electric ioniser.


Quartz’s unique piezo electric effect helps to softens the water and stabilises the Oxidation Reduction Potential to give you the best tasting, fully energized water.

The UltraStream Generates Anti-Oxidant Hydrogen Gas

The research that has gone into the benefits water with infused hydrogen gas present are numerous.  Leading health specialists have studied this field for many decades with researchers studying various levels of subject matter validating the results with regularity.

With the UltraStream filter media generating alkaline water and "dissolved molecular hydrogen gas" within the filter chamber, not through electrolysis, but by combining water with elemental magnesium, further research into the expanded health benefits are many and broad.

To view more on this fascinating subject and the benefits the UltraStream provides, a visit to the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation is well worth your time 

With the latest research confirming your hydration and alkaline levels are the keys to you living a vital and energetic life, that's why the UltraStream has been put through rigorous laboratory testing.  Its been independent testing that has paved the way to make sure you get the best water filtration potential possible at the most economical price. 

This testing confirms the UltraStream...

  • Effectively removes Fluoride, Chlorine, Heavy Metals & more
  • Adds Beneficial Alkaline Minerals
  • Produces Alkaline & Molecular Hydrogen-Rich water
  • All testing done was for the life of the filter
  • Fits most kitchen taps or can be installed under the sink with Undersink Conversion Kit.
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • 3 Year Warranty with Alkaway


Here's what the UltraStream puts INTO your water


UltraStream Delivers Magnesium... a key to health

Dr. Norman Shealy M.D.,Ph.D.,Neurosurgeon, Inventor of the "TENS" machine, Lecturer, Author and considered one of the worlds experts on pain management and natural health, states: "Nearly everyone is deficient in magnesium and every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is the most critical mineral required for electrical stability of every cell in the body. A magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more diseases than any other nutrient".

Know this!  As your tap water flows through the UltraStream's fitration media, it is not only cleansed, it is infused with magnesium. And best of all, at the same time the UltraStream's proprietary ionising media charges the water with negative hydrogen ions, creating hydrogen gas that helps infuse the magnesium into your water giving your water a very powerful antioxidant ability that no other filter on the market at this time offers you.

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UltraStream Countertop Set Up

From delivery to set up, alkaline, ionised water is readily available. No tools are required if you have strong fingers. For those of us who feel their fingers aren't up to the job, a pair of pliers or multi-grips is all that is required.  Once you're connected, flush your system and enjoy the benefits giving yourself hydrogen ion rich alkaline water offers.

UltraStream Countertop - Full Set Up Guide

The UltraStream detoxifies your water to an unsurpassed degree: fluoride, poisons, bacteria, chlorine, chloromines, heavy metals, volatile organics, trihalomethanes, arsenic. It's also an ioniser infusing massive amounts of hydrogen turning tap water into anti-oxidant hydrating goodness.

UltraStream Water Filter - pH & ORP

Alkaline water is water that has a higher concentration of the alkaline buffers (magnesium, sodium, potassium & calcium) than acidic water has. It is the richness of these alkaline minerals that changes the waters properties.

Most municipal water supplies have calcium added to bring the alkalinity of the water supply up. This added calcium doesn't increase the waters hydrogen ion content. The molecular make up of water as we know is H2O (two parts hydrogen ions and one part oxygen). Without the hydrogen ions, fluids have limited ability to transport oxygen.

As Dr. Carrel (Nobel Prize Winner) said, "The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as I know, the pulsation of life will go on forever"

In the video below, water from the tap is measured for pH (alkalinity) & ORP, then measured again once the water has passed through the Ultrastream filtration medium.

How to Replace the UltraStream Filter Cartridge

The UltraStream is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. When you replace your UltraStream filter, in under a minute you can be enjoying the benefits clean, alkaline, ionised, hydrogen-rich water give you just like the day you bought it. With the UltraStream, everytime you replace the filter, you have a brand new ioniser. The UltraStream is the clever way in water filtration!

UltraStream Water - It's Good Water

In the decades we at Vitality Plus Australia have been using water filtration; from distillation to reverse osmosis, the water that comes out of the UltraStream is noticibly different from the water that went in. It is lovely tasting water!

Comparing Carbon Filters

Turning ordinary oxidised life-less tap water into energised, alkaline powered water with up to 1000 times more acid-fighting power is what the UltraStream does best.  From oxidant acidic water into an ocean of antioxidants, the UltraStream generates energy activating ions, and free radical neutralising antioxidants to power your body's hydration needs in a completely natural, bioceramic way.

UltraStream Undersink Image.PNGThe filter media is designed to last up to 12 months for four people each drinking 2 litres per day of municipal supply water. This will vary depending on the quality of your own water. We do not guarantee filter performance in non-civic-supply areas.

We strongly recommend that you change your filter at the recommended 12 month maximum interval.

As the UltraStream traps the toxins and pollutants from your water supply, once it becomes overloaded it has the potential to then release the gathered toxins back into your output water.

Gives you more pH balancing alkalinity

For ease of use, the UltraStream has no transformer, internal plumbing, flow sensors, diodes,  SMPS systems, electrolysis chamber, or electronics for the life of the filter.

Because the hydrogen and alkalizing system is our special O-Dobi media within the actual filter, every time you replace a filter, you effectively have a brand new water ioniser! 

No more calicification of the platinum/titanium plates reducing the anti-oxidant potential of every electronic ioniser from the very first time you use it.  Being a self enclosed system, with the UltraStream there's nothing to break or repair, so say goodbye to sending your electronic ionisers to the workshop for expensive and time consuming repairs!


Life of the filter guarantee

The UltraStream is the first water ioniser in the world to have life-of-filter independent laboratory filter testing.  No water ionizer has ever revealed the performance of their filter over its expected life before. The UltraStream is also the only water ioniser certified for stringent European safety standards and the first water ionizer in the world to be submitted for laboratory tested for hydrogen production efficiency.

The Ultrastream filter has been tested and proven to maintain the filters essential benefits for the life of the filter ~ 3000 litres or four people each drinking 2 litres per day of municipal supply water for 12 months.

UltraStream 3 Year Warranty - A rock solid solid warranty

  • Your UltraStream Alkaline Water Ionizer comes with a standard 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from the date of purchase and is automatically registered for the 3-year warranty. Your one year warranty is your statutory warranty against defects in manufacture.
  • Please note that the filter is not covered, as normal use will often result in leakage after it reaches its maximum lifespan.
  • If a filter fails structurally before 12 months we will supply a new filter at a price pro-rated on the months use you gained from it.
  • The filter inside the canister is not covered by warranty unless broken during delivery because source water conditions are beyond the control of the manufacturer or dealer.
  • Vitality Plus Australia or Alkaway is not responsible for any liability beyond the replacement of the unit itself due to manufacturer’s defects. The warrantor assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages; for damages arising out of misuse of the product or the use of any unauthorised attachment; or for damages arising from the use of the product with a faulty water faucet.
  • The UltraStream Under-sink Kits Vented Faucet only covered by the standard 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty from the date of purchase.
  • When making a claim, it is a condition that the 3 Year Extended Warranty must be validated by a copy of the invoice as proof of purchase.
  • It is a condition of the 3 Year Extended Warranty that you agree to replace the filter cartridge at least every twelve (12) months.  We may ask to see a copy of the replacement cartridge invoices when making a claim.
  • Warranty supplied by AlkaWay (manufacturer).
  • If you have any questions or claims please contact us.

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Why Should I Test The pH Of My Water  

Data sheet
Filter Life 3000 litres (can vary depending on water quality). Approx 12 months at 8 litres per day.
Weight 3.5kg
Domestic Warranty 3 Year Alkaway Warranty
Country of Origin Made in the USA
Dimensions 13cm / 5 inches diameter at base, 32cm / 12 inches high
Material Plastic ABS FDA Approved (BPA Free)
Finish Stainless Steel/Black
Optimal Flow Rate 1 Litre/minute
Minimum pressure 35 kPa (5 psi)
Optimal inflow pH 6.8 - 7.2
Best inflow temp 2-40°C / 28-104°F
Output pH up to pH 10, Varies with water types.
Output ORP down to -500mV Varies with water types.
Hydrogen Infusion 1.1ppm at 1L/min Varies with water types and flow
Heavy metal media KDF-85 NSF Approved
Spartan Carbon NSF Approved
Activated Alumina NSF Approved
Tourmaline NSF Approved

Hydrogen Infusion Test Results

At normal flow rates exceeds electric ionizers H2 capability many times the price by a factor of over three.

Download (94.9k)

UltraStream Laboratory Results

Laboratory tested to NATA standard by an Australian University. The only ‘whole of life’ filter efficiency test of any ionizer in the world.

Download (179.26k)

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The UltraStream turns ordinary tap water into a hydrating, anti-oxidant, alkaline mineral rich water that quenches the thirst and tastes great.

Equipped with a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system. COMES WITH ALKAWAY 3 YEAR WARRANTY! and 2 BONUS Stainless Steel Bottles from Klean Kanteen ($82.90 Value)

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5 09 2018

Drips a bit

I was recommended the UltraStream by a friend who said the water tasted really good. I bought one from you and by the way thank you for your great service. It was good to know it may drip in the beginning because of the hydrogen. When you said a bit I didn't expect it to drip for over a week until it stopped. Just letting you know,

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  • (0) (0)
18 05 2018

The best investment!

The Ultrastream is amazing, thank you. In fact it would be the best investment I have made (non profit - well there is a big profit, being health) in a long time. Can't recommend it highly enough, just hope I can take enough water with me when I go somewhere.

  • Was this review useful to you?
  • (0) (0)
20 04 2018

Absolutely incredible filter!

The human body has 73% water in it. And to have a vibrant healthy body, it made absolute sense for me to first fix the quality of water going into my body. Normal tap water in WA is pathetic, full of fluoride & other chemicals & has a harsh taste.
So, I started my research on filters, then moved to RO & finally landed on ionizers. Ionizers are great because they not only filter but also add more hydrogen in the water. I narrowed down to two ionizers. One was electric ionizer for $5k!!! & other was Ultrastream. After a lot of further research I found out the Ultrastream is not only cost-effective but also does a better job than electric ionizers. Just today I ordered my replacement filter & the initial filter lasted me for after 1 year 9 months. The water tastes great, has all the essential minerals in it plus 10,000 times more hydrogen than normal water. It also seems smoother than the normal tap water and the mineral water bottles sold in the shops. So, in a nutshell, it's worth the investment!

  • Was this review useful to you?
  • (0) (0)
17 04 2018


I'm very happy with my UltraStream. I overheard my son telling my daughter "mum bought a really good water purifier", have also noted they are drinking more water now, that's always a plus.

  • Was this review useful to you?
  • (0) (0)
5 04 2018

Very happy with the taste

It's been over a year since we first purchased the UltraStream from you and with it now being the time to replace our filter I thought I would share my thoughts. It took a while to get used to the taste of the water as we had been drinking the water straight from the tap for years now. It was after a week or two that we really started to like the taste of the filtered water. Now one year on and we're "water snobs!" We take our water everywhere because we cannot palate the taste of any tap water let alone bottled water. So a big thank you for your support and knowledge. I fully recommend the UltraStream and as you know, bought one for my daughter which she is very grateful for. Again thank you for your care.

  • Was this review useful to you?
  • (0) (0)
21 02 2018

I think it is helping

I really like the UltraStream. Strangely enough it took me a while to get used to the taste of the water but I'm all right with it now. And I think it is helping me health wise, though it is hard to tell as I felt worse at first. Probably going through a detox/cleansing reaction, as I did notice some things improving right from the start. I went really slow with it, but am now finally only drinking water from the UltraStream.

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  • (0) (0)
10 11 2017

No complaints

Excellent service, great tasting water, highly recommended!

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  • (0) (0)
23 06 2017

All ok

The UltraStream arrived at work today, all ok. It's set up now and it has been flushed out for about 25 mins. The water looks clearer, doesn't smell and tastes better already! Thanks very much.

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23 06 2017

I recommend the Ultrastream

LOVING our new Ultrastream. I have a lot more energy. Who would have thought water can give you energy!

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15 06 2016

Loving the UltraStream.

Loving the UltraStream. My kitchen water tastes great... thanks for the recomendation

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