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    EXPIRY DATE: 15 FEB 2019 - pH Test strips are an easy & economical way to measure the PH of both urine & saliva.  Conveniently packed in flip-top vials, offering you an easy to read, single colour match at every .2 to .3 interval from pH 5.5-8.0. Each pack contains 100 plastic strips

    $13.77 $22.95 -40%
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    Chlorine test strips measure the concentration of free chlorine in water and sanitising/disinfecting solutions. With color matches at 10-50-100-200ppm. Each kit consists of a 15 ft. x 5/32 in. roll of premium test paper in a handy plastic dispenser, with a matching color chart PLUS 1 refill roll of test paper. Approx 200 Tests per kit.

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    Hydrion Buffer Capsules are used for quick and easy pH meter calibration. Each capsule produces 100ml. of solution at pH 7.00, when mixed with distilled or de-ionized water.Each Carton contains a total of 50 Capsules, 10 Capsules in 5 Vials. Each capsule produces 100ml. of solution.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items