Hydrion Chlorine Test Paper 10-200ppm

Reference: Cat# CM-240


CM-240 Chlorine test paper measures the concentration of free chlorine in water and sanitising/disinfecting solutions. With color matches at 10-50-100-200ppm. Each kit consists of a 15 ft. x 5/32 in. roll of premium test paper in a handy plastic dispenser, with a matching color chart PLUS 1 refill roll of test paper. Approx 200 Tests per kit.


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CM-240 Chlorine test paper is an easy, accurate and economical way of measuring the concentration of free chlorine in water and sanitising/disinfecting solutions.


•  Tear off a 50mm/2" strip of test paper and dip it into the sanitising solution.  Your solution should be at room temperature.  Room temperature is defined as being within the temperature range of 18°C/65°F and 24°C/75°F.  Warmer solutions may result in elevated measurements.
•  Once dipped, your test paper will immediately change colour.
•  Remove the test paper strip and lightly blot it with a paper towel.
•  Compare the resulting color with the color chart for a reading of free available chlorine

Data sheet

Ranges 10-200 ppm (Parts Per Million)
Number of Tests Approx. 200
Country of Origin United States
Colour Chart Yes
Colour Match Points 10-50-100-200ppm.
Manufacturer MicroEssential Laboratories

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