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pH Litmus Paper Test Strip Roll 5.5 - 8.0

Accurately measure the pH of both urine & saliva. Litmus paper. 6mm (1/4in) wide x 4.5 metres (15ft).  Each roll will give the user approximately 100 tests.


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Basic pH litmus test paper can be used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the saliva or urine. This reading in turn can be used to adjust your diet to bring everything back into balance.

Our Hydrion pH Litmus Paper Test Strip Roll pH 5.5 - 8.0 is the most economical option to purchase pH Litmus Paper.  Hydrion pH Litmus Paper has excellent colour separations to test urine and saliva in the acid range (below pH 7) and the alkali range (above pH 7).

The colour chart has pH matches at...

With a measuring range of 5.5 - 8.0 and precise pH matches down to 0.2 pH intervals, this accurate measurement range makes the Hydrion pH Litmus Paper Test Strip Roll the preferred choice of our customers.

  • Each roll will give the user approximately 100 tests
  • 6mm (1/4in) wide x 4.5 metres (15ft)
  • A direct reading pH paper with the widest range available in a single paper
  • A simple, single color match for all pH values
  • Distinct and easily matched color separations
  • Accurate, reproducible readings with an immediate response

Please note: Our range of pH testing equipment are genuine Hydrion pharmaceutical grade quality and not cheap imports. Hence your readings will be instant and accurate as is required in laboratory conditions.

Directions for use:

To use this product simply tear off a small strip (50mm - 2½") of pH paper and dip into test solution. Compare the instantaneous colour change with the matching pH colour chart.

pH Range5.5-8.0
Measurement Increments0.2 to 0.3 pH units
Number of TestsApprox 100
Used to TestUrine and Saliva
Country of OriginBrooklyn USA
MaterialHydrion paper roll housed within plastic case. Case has serrated edge to tear off paper.
Colour ChartYes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately how many tests per roll is there?

There is approximately 100 tests per roll depending on the length of paper you tear off each time. For instance, if you used a strip of paper at 25mm or 1 inch, you'll get close to 180 tests!

Can I use my pH Litmus Test Paper to measure the pH of water?

No. The reagent used in the pH Litmus Paper is designed for buffered solutions only.

What is a buffered solution?

A buffered solution is a solution with adequate dissolved solids to resist pH changes. For example, urine and saliva are considered buffered in their natural state. However, rain water, tap water etc. are considered to be dilute, weakly buffered solutions.

For testing weakly buffered solutions, we recommend our water pH testing kits.

What do the results indicate?

If you have high pH levels – you have low acid levels.

If you have low pH levels – you have high acid levels.

This reading in turn can be used to adjust your diet and mineral intake so as to bring cellular terrain back into balance.