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    Heavy Metal Test is a home testing kit for checking heavy metals in both urine and liquids & urine. Easy to use it will detect the presence of ionic metals in the liquid solutions tested. This is an economical way to see what under the naked eye, cannot be seen.  Each Heavy Metal Test kit contains 8 tests.

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    This unique blend has been formulated to hydrate the skin at the deepest level so your skin is nourished and luminous. Helps soothe, heal and repair dry skin by replenishing and protecting the skin’s moisture barrier. Available sizes: 100ml & 30ml

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    The Spotless Pack is a simple, skin clearing regime infused with active botanicals and antibacterial properties to treat blemishes and promote brighter, clearer skin naturally.

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    Clear the bench space and enjoy filtered, ionised alkaline mineral rich water straight from the kitchen sink. UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package If you're looking for the complete package to minimise clutter on your kitchen bench and maximise convenience, then look no further.

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    Frankincense has been used throughout the eons for skin blemishes and dry skin. The earthy, balsamic scent frankincense delivers has calming properties that is said to increase spiritual awareness and promote what could be called "inner strength".

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    Our all-natural Silica Mask is enriched with the skin refining properties of Australian Mineral Clay and Nutritious Green Superfoods that purify skin texture and firm skin tone, delivering essential building blocks for skin health and vitality. Beneficial for all skin types. Available size: 100ml

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    This ancient formula gives the skin a healthful, hydrated glow with a supercharged dose of omegas.  Available size: 100ml

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    UltraStream water filter - a ‘state of the art’ 8-stage water filtration and ionization system, designed to provide you with many years of clean alkaline ionized microclustered water. UltraStream - The New Wave in Water Ionizers

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    The latest state-of-the-art home or business model. With all stainless steel construction and stainless trays, stainless drip tray, built-in digital 99 hour timer, armored glass doors, this is an impressive unit.

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    This unique exfoliate contains purifying actives of Wattle Seeds, Cranberry Seeds and Volcanic Lava Stones to powerfully stimulate circulation and tone uneven skin. Available size: 200ml

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    The UltraStream Undersink kit will maximise your bench space so you can enjoy all the benefits the UltraStream Water filtration and alkalising unit will give you with all the bits conveniently hidden under the sink.

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    A calming treatment for skin that requires a little extra TLC. This potent antibacterial formula protects, relieves and soothes chronically irritated, dry and sensitive skin conditions. Available sizes: 100ml & 30ml

Showing 1 - 12 of 63 items