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    The UltraStream water filter is a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system designed to provide you with many years of clean alkaline hydrogen ion-rich microclustered water.

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    UltraStream Replacement Filters return the performance of your UltraStream to brand new. This is because all the UltraStream's filtering, alkalising, energising and ionising takes place within the drop-in replacement filter. Available in Stainless Steel/Black and Porcelain White

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    Clear the bench space and enjoy filtered, ionised alkaline mineral rich water straight from the kitchen sink. UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package If you're looking for the complete package to minimise clutter on your kitchen bench and maximise convenience, then look no further.

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    The UltraStream Undersink kit will maximise your bench space so you can enjoy all the benefits the UltraStream Water filtration and alkalising unit will give you with all the bits conveniently hidden under the sink.

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    The Fill2Pure Water Filter Jug is made from the highest quality BPA-free plastic, with a replaceable filter that reduces the cost per litre even further.

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    Heavy Metal Test is a home testing kit for checking heavy metals in both urine, saliva and liquids. Easy to use it will detect the presence of ionic metals in the liquid solutions tested. This is an economical way to see what under the naked eye, cannot be seen.  Each Heavy Metal Test kit contains 8 tests.

  • Zeolites are literally volcanic minerals with a unique, complex crystalline structure. Zeolites honeycomb framework of cavities and channels act like cages, trapping heavy metals and toxins.

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    Colloidal silver has been found to be effective against many common bacterial strains, without the worry that it may react with other medications. Does not contain any artificial ingredients, stabilisers, compounds, salts, proteins or colours. 500ml.

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    Made from sub-micron filtered, de-gassed and de-ionised water in which 99% pure gold is electrolytically introduced to produce 5-8mg of pure gold particles. Used as a carrier for other products, Fulhealth colloidal gold may assist the body in normal neuro-activity and with easing inflammation, such as with arthritis.

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    Join biochemist, Rik J. Deitsch, and physician, Dr. Stewart Lonky, MD, as they explore the health problems associated with environmental toxins and offer solutions that will help you reduce your toxic burden and live a healthier, longer life.

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    Water pH Test kit 5 -9 is a short range testing kit for measuring most drinking waters. Each kit contains a 15-foot roll of test paper, matching color chart and one(1) capped 4 ml. sample tube, packed in a polypropylene protective case.

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    Water pH test kits contains a 15-foot roll of test paper, matching color chart and one(1) capped 4 ml. sample tube, packed in a polypropylene protective case for a wide variety of water sources.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items