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Percys Powder Box

Percys Powder


A dietary supplement that provides sulphur-rich salts to help your body maintain healthy blood for the maintenance and improvement of general well-being. 

Contains 60 sachets of sulfates of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine & selenium in the rations perfected by Percy Weston.

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Percy's Powder is named for 100-year-old grazier and horticulturist Percy Weston, of Victoria, Australia, who pioneered the use of alkaline minerals as a food supplement for well-being.

A Blood Tonic

Nutrition is fast becoming the science of the new millennium with Percy’s Powder meeting this need as a nutritional supplement that's taken once a day, as first developed by farmer, Percy Weston in the 1940's, as a means of "curbing phosphoric activity" in the body.

Being a valuable source of macro and micro-mineral nutrients, Percy’s macro minerals function in water as electrolytes, with the micro minerals including magnesium sulfate playing a key role in making dozens of enzymes.

Why sulfates?

Being a sulphur-rich formulation, sulphur is a component of the genetic material of cells, and is needed for the health and maintenance of your skin, hair and nails, and the production of chondroitin sulphate for building cartilage. Sulphur also acts as a disinfectant for the blood thereby helping your body resist bacteria as it detoxifies.

By supplying the body with a means of checking the build-up of acids and phosphates, and flushing them out in the urine (acid build-up in the tissues causes infection and chronic disease), makes the supplementation of Percy’s Powder a must have.
How do I take it?

The minerals salts in Percy’s Powder readily dissolve in water (or fruit juice), and are involved in the regulation of water balance within the body. Being a catalyst in the formation of new blood, Percy’s Powder assists in the movement of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and in the making of enzymes involved in digestion. Optimal energy production can only occur with healthy blood, and with healthy blood the body can readily use nutrients to rebuild and regenerate muscles and nerves.

Each box of Percy’s Powder contains 60 sachets of sulphates of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine and selenium in the rations perfected by Percy Weston. The dosage is one sachet a day; the ideal maintenance dose for people who weigh up to 65kg.

Each 1.4g satchet contains:

MAGNESIUM (as sulfate) 78.1 mg
POTASSIUM (as sulfate) 131.0 mg
IRON (as sulfate) 9.1 mg
ZINC (as sulfate) 10.2 mg
MANGANESE (as sulfate) 9.1 mg
IODINE (as potassium iodide) 75 mcg
SELENIUM (as selenomethionine)     50 mcg

Directions for use:

Adults and teenagers, take one satchet of the powder once daily in water and stir well.  Makes a refreshing drink with added lemon.

Why Percy's Powder?

Let's start by asking why sulphates? Because Percy's mineral formula comes as sulphur based mineral salts. The macro minerals function in water as electrolytes, with the micro minerals including magnesium playing a key role in making dozens of enzymes.

An inspired choice, surely, considering the sulphur is a component of the genetic material of cells, and is needed for the health and maintenance of the skin, hair and nails, and production of chondroitin sulphate for building cartilage. Sulphur disinfects the blood, resists bacteria, and detoxifies.

Whenever we flex and relax our muscles, magnesium is involved in the relaxation cycle. In our limbs, low magnesium can mean cold hands and feet or muscle cramp and spasm. In our organs low magnesium can result in abdominal cramps, high blood pressure, painful periods, chest pain, wheezing, bladder spasm, headaches, and eyes that cannot focus.

In the body's energy production pathway (glucose => ATP) there are 22 steps, and magnesium is involved in 12 of them! Then there are potassium, zinc, iron and manganese with hundreds more roles.

So why do people lack these minerals? Don't we get enough in our diet?

Unfortunately the quantity of magnesium, and other essential alkaline minerals in the Western diet, has been falling for decades due to the use of chemical fertilisers. The main culprit: superphosphate. And fertilisers contaminated with heavy metals like cadmium (which blocks uptake of zinc, magnesium, selenium and sulphur) and arsenic (which blocks zinc, selenium, sodium and certain vitamins).

Organophosphate pesticides disrupt the action of the sodium potassium pump mechanism for clearing toxins from our cells. And pesticides can cause copper retention disorders.

This is why we promote Percy's Powder. As a food supplement it is truly is close to nature.

How can i improve the availability of Percy's Powder?

Adding fresh lemon juice to your glass of Percy's infused water is one way, but to make a truly powerful electrolyte formulation, add HYDROGEN IONS.  We would suggest with every satchel of Percy's Powder, add one capsule of the most powerful hydration supplement MegaHydrate.

That way you get the benefit of the mineral sulphates that are readily bound to hygrogen ions making them easily absorbed and utilised for the repair and regeneration of your body.  It's a formidable partnership making what we believe is one of the most powerful man-made electrolyte formulations available.


24 08 2017

Very impressed

Just a quick note to fully recommend the percys powder with the megahydrate. As a megahydrate user for years, when a sample of the percys powder was included with my last order I did as recommended and I am very happy I did. It was like a feeling of being charged up. Thank you again for your wonderful service.

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