MegaHydrate Powder 50g

MegaHydrate Powder 50g


MegaHydrate Powder is a dietary supplement to be taken with water. Each scoop is 0.3 grams (same amount as in capsule). Economical with ease of access, each bottle contains 50g of Powder.  BUY MORE & SAVE!




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Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement begin with with 2 scoops daily and gradually increase to 4 scoops daily or as otherwise directed by your doctor / healthcare professional.

DISCLAIMER: The products and information mentioned on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your medical professional.

How Patrick Flanagan Discovered Crystal Energy, Microhydrin & MegaHydrate

Patrick Flanagan shares how he discovered Crystal Energy, Microhydrin & MegaHydrate. From his early teens his research led him to finding the secrets of Hunza water and how ionized hydrogen and a colloidal mineral with anomalous properties can be very beneficial to the regeneration of your body.

MegaHydrate / Crystal Energy - Wetter Water

How can billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that can be found in every bottle of both the MegaHydrate and Crystal Energy help your body’s chances of hydrating where it matters the most… at the cellular level?

Water has a surface tension! That's why when you watch diving at a pool, there'll be a hose releasing a stream of water close to where the divers enter the water. The reason for this stream of water is to break the waters surface tension. Otherwise it would be like the divers diving onto a slab of concrete.

Same thing with the water you drink and the surface tension of water held at the cellular level within your body. Change the surface tension and it's easier to enter the water and absorb!

MegaHydrate - A hydration supplement

MegaHydrate can easily be considered one of the best fitness and health supplements available due to its high antioxidant potential. Rehydration at the cellular level is key to regeneration. Hydration of your body gets easier when the water you drink is loaded with concentrated hydrogen ion's that maintain a negative charge thereby increasing absorption of the given fluid.

MegaHydrate - ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

Put two tomatoes on the bench and pierce one of the tomatoes skin with a pin.  Wait 3 days and see how each tomato has faired.  What you'll notice is the tomato whose skin was pierced has started to rot prematurely.  By piercing the skin of the tomato, the hydrogen ions found in the fluid of the tomato can readily disperse into the atmosphere and thus the tomato starts to oxidise.  Basically it's all about hydrogen ions or what is called ORP!

MegaHydrate - The Element of Youth

Hydrogen is the most powerful anti-oxidant known. MegaHydrate delivers more Hydrogen ions than by eating kilograms of water-rich raw fruits and vegetables. When you invest in Hydrogen, you invest in your life!


9 03 2018

Good value

Thank you for recommending the megahydrate powder. Based on my regular use of the capsules the powder is more economical and easier to add to water. And your tip to sip it slowly and keep it in my mouth works a treat. Again many thanks! L

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    MegaHydrate is a dietary supplement to be taken with water. Contains 60 count / 300 mg per veggie capsule 2 capsules per day recommended. BUY MORE & SAVE!

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    Stock expected from manufacture early November. Apologies for this delay!
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