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    A dietary supplement that provides sulphur-rich salts to help your body maintain healthy blood for the maintenance and improvement of general well-being.  Contains 60 sachets of sulfates of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine & selenium in the rations perfected by Percy Weston.
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    MegaHydrate is a dietary supplement to be taken with water. Contains 60 capsules per bottle. 2 capsules per day recommended.
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    For emergency disinfection of water, add 3 drops per litre and let stand for 30 minutes. No virus has been shown to be resistant to iodine's cleansing action. Molecular Iodine 3% W/W 10ml
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    Fulhealth Magnesium is a high purity, bio-available magnesium chloride that is considered a food for the body. BOTTLE SIZE: 500ml. 10ml delivers 290mg of elemental magnesium.
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    Fulhealth Selenium Colloid (Selenium Methionine) is the anti-oxidant of the mineral kingdom. BOTTLE SIZE: 500ml. 5ml will deliver 46 micrograms of elemental selenium
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    Colloidal silver has been found to be effective against many common bacterial strains, without the worry that it may react with other medications. Does not contain any artificial ingredients, stabilisers, compounds, salts, proteins or colours. BOTTLE SIZE: 500ml.
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    Fulhealth Colloidal Gold is made from sub-micron filtered, de-gassed and de-ionised water in which 99% pure gold is electrolytically introduced to produce 5-8mg of pure gold particles. Used as a carrier for other products, gold in colloidal suspension may assist the body in normal neuro-activity and with easing inflammation, such as with arthritis....
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    Join biochemist, Rik J. Deitsch, and physician, Dr. Stewart Lonky, MD, as they explore the health problems associated with environmental toxins and offer solutions that will help you reduce your toxic burden and live a healthier, longer life.
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    Product available with different options
    Tongue Cleaning is the BEST remedy for bad breath, and Dr. Tung's is the #1 selling tongue cleaner! The tongue not only provides taste, it is also a window to the health of your body. Daily cleaning of your tongue is endorsed by thousands of years of healthy living wisdom.
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