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Dr. Alex Carrel (Surgeon and Biologist) won the Nobel prize for Medicine in 1912 by showing how living cells can be kept alive indefinitely... if the cell can be kept in a state of hydration!

Hydration of your body at the cellular level is the FIRST STEP you take when you embark on the health and vitality lifestyle.

Dr. Carrel said,  "The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as I know, the pulsation of life will go on forever".

Water accounts for approximately two-thirds of the physical body’s weight and it is water’s responsibility to be involved in nearly all of the bodily processes.  This huge list of everyday processes that water is responsible for includes… Circulation, Digestion, Absorption and Excretion.

Include in this list maintaining the body’s temperature, all of the building and regeneration functions, the elimination of toxins from within the cellular terrain, can you truly fathom how vitally important hydration is for building a healthy, powerful body?


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