ph Pencil 0.0-13.0 Mechanical x 1

Reference: Cat# P-12M


pH pencils are used for testing the Acid Alkaline levels on uneven surfaces.  Each mechanical pencil will give the user at least 100 tests. Comes with colour chart and instructions.


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Hydrion pH Pencils provide users a unique and useful tool for the accurate measurement of surface pH. Although primarily developed for use in industries such as construction, textiles, and paper manufacturing, many cosmeticians and multinational cosmetic companies use the pencil to demonstrate the efficacy of their skin care products.

Measure the pH of many surfaces to the nearest full pH value with an easy to use pH Pencil. Whether you're a tradesman, artist or just home handy, these pH pencils work just like an ordinary pencil making them a most useful tool.

pH pencils can be used to test irregular or uneven surfaces, and is also effective on porous material and impervious solids.  Test skin , skin care products, makeup, concrete,cement, plasterboard, painted surfaces, textiles, ceramics.  With easy to read colours, the pH pencil offers clear bright single colour matches at every 1.0 interval from pH 0.0-13.0.

The colour chart has pH matches at...  [0.0] [1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [7.0] [8.0] [9.0] [10.0] [11.0] [12.0] [13.0]


To measure the surface pH just wet the surface with distilled water. Stroke the surface with the pencil. Wait approximately 15 seconds and compare the resulting color change with the color chart.

To advance pencil lead, simply turn the pencil top clockwise.

Data sheet

pH Range 0.0 - 13.0
Measurement Increments 1.0 pH intervals
Number of Tests Approx 100
Used to Test Surface pH of Paper, Lumber, Concrete, Cement, Plasterboard, Pre-painted surfaces, Painted Surfaces, Textiles, Skins, Make Up, Cosmetics, Ceramics
Country of Origin Brooklyn USA
Colour Chart Yes
Manufacturer Micro Essential Laboratory

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