Regenerate with Iodine, Selenium and Magnesium

Regenerate with Iodine, Selenium and Magnesium

With so many published scientific studies confirming the long list of health benefits the elements iodine, selenium and magnesium provide, it’s no wonder they’re up there as nature’s essentials for health and regeneration.

On the physical level, it’s little wonder why living next to the beach has so many health benefits. Held in the ocean air, atomised goodies can be found in abundant supply and readily transported in vapourised form.  One could well imagine a mist-of-goodness just floating above the ocean water surface that includes trace amounts of these goodies including iodine, selenium and magnesium.

When you breathe this nutrient-rich almost invisible mist into your lungs, it can be absorbed straight into your blood stream and distributed throughout your body and from there what ensues is the feeling of vitality.  For it would be difficult to explain to anyone how walking on the beach doesn’t provide an uplifting experience both on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Speaking for oneself and based on decades of experience and observation, to say the vast majority of humans (and dogs for that matter) who are exposed to the air coming off the ocean express a very noticeable presence of vitalness is a surety!  Sure there may well be many factors that help this feeling of upliftment, be they the earthing effect, the sound of the waves or just being immersed in nature, but the positive effects are very noticeable, tangible and very real.

Goodness within the sea vegetable

In days gone by, if you looked at cultures that lived within close proximity to the ocean, you’ll find the diet of these cultures generally included the most abundant of the green leafy vegetables found on the planet… kelp!

What is most interesting in cultures that regularly consumed (and still consume) a good amount of kelp on a daily basis is that only until the most recent of times, the three inherent diseases found on planet Earth; cancer, tuberculosis and syphilis were not known as the leading cause of death.  War and famine maybe, but in particular the coastal mountain regions, people were said to have lived well over a hundred years.  Maybe the reason for this can be found in the rich amounts of trace iodine, selenium and magnesium that predominate the elemental makeup of kelp.

Sure there’s the sodium aspect and many more minerals, but if you look at where the biggest sources of iodine, selenium and magnesium are found with the foods that humans eat, you'll find fish (especially deep sea fish species) is up there on the top of the list.  With kelp being the most common form of fish-food in the ocean, then the relationship becomes very clear.

But as things do on planet Earth, change is inevitable! With human interference's polluting the ocean waters with a myriad of toxins including radiation, things aren’t like they used to be hence relying on ocean produce for these elements is a by-gone era and no more.  Yet what hasn’t changed is elements such as iodine, selenium and magnesium are still a major requirement of human health.

Iodine, Selenium and Magnesium in the food supply

There's an old saying that states, "If it's not in the soil it's not in the foods you eat!"

With Australian soils known to have very low selenium content, it little wonder that selenium deficiencies in the general populace are common.  If you ask any farmer who works with animals, you'll soon hear that mineral deficiencies are countered by providing minerals licks.  These supplements are literally blocks of salt rich in minerals and trace elements that when first seen by any animal are very quickly consumed.

Foods that are grown for human consumption are of no exception.  With the application of trace elements to large area's of growing fields being expensive with no real noticeable change in the "quantity" of the harvest received, it's little wonder most farmers don't supplement their fields with selenium or iodine. Hence the requirement of each man and woman to look after their own affairs.  For it is by doing your research and acting accordingly that the fog of disease can lift and the light of regeneration shine through.

Researchers also believe that selenium is responsible for the production of an enzyme that breaks down excess estrogen in our system.  This enzyme or Estrogen Sulfotransferase is critical for thyroid health and function, as well as preventing an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen.

Fulhealth Iodine, Selenium and Magnesium

The Fulhealth colloids will supply your body with these bio-available elemental nutrients.  Trace minerals in concentrated colloidal suspension are very small particles suspended in a liquid base, making them easily absorbed by your body.

The word colloid comes from a Greek word meaning glue.  Going from bigger to smaller, it is from the atom: to the molecule: to the colloid. So if you looked at an atom under a microscope, it would be a thousand times larger than a colloid. When you consider the red blood cell is 7 microns... a colloidal mineral particle is 0.01 micron or less. That is 1/7000th the size of a red blood cell.

With it being estimated that absorption of a mineral or element in colloidal suspension can be up to 98%, this makes the inclusion of colloidal iodine, selenium and magnesium a most useful practice for the rebuilding of your body.  To learn more about iodine (the most powerful water purifier (your body's made up primarily of water), and selenium (an antioxidant and wellness trigger), go to the product pages and watch the video's.  Most illuminating information!

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