AOK MediBall® Pro 65cm


The AOK MediBall is a fitness ball designed for the needs of the health and fitness industry. These top-quality Swiss balls are purpose designed and tested heavy weight balls which resist compression under load.

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AOK Health designed their Swiss Balls for the needs of the health and fitness industry. A MediBall® will hold its shape (therefore supporting your core muscles) and not just squash and flatten under your body weight like a cushion or a pillow does. AOK Swiss Balls are not modified toy balls that squash under load like a cushion.

The ball retains its spherical form particularly during exercise, and because the sphere has a small base of support, to maintain a balanced sitting or lying position the body must focus its energies on the core stabilising muscles. Using an AOK Swiss ball is a sure-fire way of developing strength, balance and coordination. All body shapes and types will feel the benefits of being fully-supported when bending, lying, sitting, stretching...

Lower back pain has been described as the “flu” of the musculo-skeletal system. It causes more time-off-work than any other condition. Using a mediBall® may help alleviate symptoms and promote stabilisation. Evidence shows that lower back stabilisation training can positively affect lower back pain. Use of the mediBall Pro® encourages active sitting positions, offering a highly functional opportunity to reinforce active stabilisation.

AOK Swiss Balls have been designed to meet the following criteria:

  • Safety - the anti-burst feature reduces injury risk associated with exploding balls
  • Strong resistance to stretching and general wear & tear
  • Resist deformation under load
  • Suitable for sitting, rehabilitation, exercising, stretching and weight training
  • Non-toxic

Correct Ball Sizing

Correct Ball Sizing

Ball Size/Diameter





Extra Large

User's Height for
Sitting & Exercise

less than 150cm
less than 5'
150 - 165cm
5' - 5' 6"
165 - 180cm
5' 6" - 6'
180 - 200cm
6' - 6' 8"
over 200cm
over 6' 8"

User's Height for
mainly Exercise

less than 160cm
less than 5' 4"
160 - 175cm
5' 4" - 5'10"
175 - 195cm
5' 10" - 6' 6"
over 195cm
over 6' 6"

These sizes are not definitive but only a guide. Larger/bulkier individuals may need a larger size ball than shown purely for comfort and not biomechanics. Using the ball for weight lifting also is best with a larger ball than normal. There is only 10-20% loss of efficiency if using a larger ball size for exercise. You will rarely use a Swiss ball at its maximum inflated diameter. Best results are at 90-95% inflation.

**Please Note: Any balls that have been opened or inflated cannot be refunded or exchanged. This is due to the fact that we cannot ensure the safety of any balls that have been returned to us.**

Caring for your mediBall®

CLEAN: Using a damp cloth.

INSPECT: The balls surface before use and DO NOT use if damaged.

ENSURE: The floor and surroundings are clear of sharp objects.

CARE: Should be taken if using in temperatures greater then 32ºC or less than 18ºC.

LOADING: While static load rating is 1000kg your ball is rated Anti-burst to 500kg - If using weights do not exceed your body weight as load - body weight and equipment should not exceed 350kg. Care should always be taken when using dynamic exercises.

WARNING: Do not patch/repair burst/ punctures balls. Keep away from naked flames and direst sunlight. Do not leave an inflated mediball in your car.

Caution: All balls, like car tyres, wear out with heavy use - we have balls 5 years old and still performing well. If you use your ball in a commercial environment you may need to upgrade on a regular basis. Our Swiss balls are not indestructible and may be weakened or damaged by sharp objects which may result in the ball deflating. Do not use a Swiss ball that has been damaged. Always keep your activity area clear of sharp objects or corners and check your ball regularly.

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