Crystal Energy


Crystal Energy is the first product Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented after studying Hunza water. It consists of billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that have the highest zeta potential ever measured.

Container Size:  120ml (4oz)


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When added to water Crystal Energy instantly turns water into a liquid crystal (wetter water), closely matching the fluid surrounding the cells in the body. Patrick Flannagan's studies have shown that Crystal Energy may help to supply a superior flow of water and nutrients within the body than is possible when compared to ordinary water, thus helping to improve hydration and wellness.

As metabolic waste is removed from the body using water, this increased hydration aspect and the improved capacity for removal of metabolic and cellular waste may well be attributed to the hydration of cells and the corresponding feelings of increased well being.

With silica deficiencies being attributed to connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails, teeth and gum issues, introducing silica nanoclusters into the water you drink may well help with the feelings of overall wellness.

See the independent report within the DOWNLOAD button below near the bottom of the page.

Serving Size: 10 drops per 237 ml or 0.01 fl oz  per 8 fl oz

Servings per Container: 406 (one bottle goes a long way- that's basically 406 glasses of water)

Container Size: 120 ml (4 fl oz)

Ingredients - Silica, Potassium Carbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Oleic Acid

Other Ingredients: Purified Water

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Analysis of Wetter Water qualities when using Crystal Energy

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