How You Breathe & Knee Pain

How You Breathe & Knee Pain

Hip and Knee Pain

Breathing isn't just breathing... Breathing is the distribution & generation of Energy!

There i was treating elite athletes, weekend warriors, and humans of all ages when it dawned on me.

What i became aware of is that no matter what pedigree of physical ability one possesses; be you an active human or an in-active human; a tall human a short human; a thin human or a plump human, the odds are in my favour that there'll be more right knees giving the people curry than the left.

And only a very small minority of the people i was treating had ever played football.

As in my treating experience it was so very common, you can understand why i was intrigued to see if this was true of the greater community.

So in early 2005, i contacted the Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry to get the facts on knee replacements for the Australian population

Lisa Ingerson courteously responded to my call for for greater insight, and answered in writing!

Knee Replacement Statistics

As you can see, more right knees than the left.

But before you do commit to having a knee replacement, have a look at the revision knee statistics.

A revision knee is the term used to replace the already replaced man-made cartilage - and it can be within a couple of years of the knee replacement.

Look at your BREATH as ENERGY!

The way you breathe can be used not only for oxygenation but also as a way of distributing the impact your hips, knees, ankles and feet experience every time you walk or run.

Rythmic breathing when you are active can help you immensely.

Helpful not only in terms of fitness but in healing as well.

The possibilities your breath gives you is endless.

And the way to start accessing life's little gem that's with you until you leave this earthly plane, is to start looking at your breath as two opposing energies that together make up one whole synchronous unit.

These two opposing breath's, inhalation and exhalation, can also be thought of in terms of energy (for all there is is energy and energy is all there is).

For example...

  • See your inhalation as Implosive Energy

  • and your exhalation as Explosive Energy

i believe that if both implosive and explosive energies are constantly experienced and expressed on the one side, then it would make sense (and if it makes sense then it generally is true) then the loads place on the two sides will be imbalanced, and IMBALANCE WILL RULE!

The Law of Limitation

Ultimately we as living beings of the earth are governed by universal law or what is known as the Law of Limitation.

As such if one side of two sides is over-stressed then it will be more than likely that the side that is overly stressed will be the side more prone to collapse.

Of the many people i have helped with their knees and greater body, the vast majority have received ease of movement and pain in a relatively short space of time by simply addressing the way they distribute breathing energy.

By help, i am referring to addressing the body's continual requirements for...

Once these basic requirements for health and vitality are addressed, the impact of unbalanced force lessens within the body and upon the body (the left & right hand sides), lessening the need for the body to brace itself for every step and recreating a scenario where the body embraces every step.

Please note: It is with deep gratitude and many thanks to the AOA National Joint Replacement Registry for so kindly making the above information available. Thank you.

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About the Author

Brett Hayes has had an interest in human anatomy from around the age of seven.

Decades later and now with over thirty years’ experience as a body mechanic (injury repair), healer and teacher, the techniques of resurrection and regeneration that Brett shares encompass many aspects including breath/body synchronicity, structural alignment, mind direction and connection to Spirit.

He is the Head Coach and Developer of TriBreath, a practice that use ancient breathing rhythm's as the foundation for specific movements and techniques to help tone, fortify and strengthen your body's muscle and respiratory fitness.

Disclaimer: All information on this web site is for informational purposes only. Under no circumstance is any product on this site intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Please contact a medical doctor to diagnose and treat any medical condition.

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