Alkaway UltraStream Replacement Cartridge


UltraStream Replacement Filters return the performance of your UltraStream to brand new. This is because all the UltraStream's filtering, alkalising, energising and ionising takes place within the drop-in replacement filter.

Available in Stainless Steel/Black and Porcelain White


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UltraStream Replacement Filter

  • Constructed from EPA approved polypropylene. No BPA.
  • All filtration media EU approved.
  • Made in the USA under AlkaWay’s supervision.
  • The patent pending UltraStream filter uses the highest quality patented filter media plus exclusive O-Dobi alkalizing, ionizing and hydrogen producing media. It also supplies infused magnesium and calcium through the life of the filter, calculated and tested over 3600 litres.
  • A ‘new water ioniser with every filter change’. Complete ionizing system integrated within each filter.

Efficient design

The UltraStream filter media is designed to last up to 12 months for four people each drinking 2 litres per day of municipal supply water. [i.e. every 3000L.]  This will vary depending on the quality of your own water.  We do not guarantee filter performance in non-civic-supply areas.

An Important note for all water filter customers. No filter lasts forever. 3 factors affect its lifespan.
1. The quality of the filtration media
2. The amount of filtration media
3. The amount of ‘gunk’ in your water.

For this reason we recommend a 12 month filter replacement. Although the UltraStream provides you with the world’s best filtration media in generous amounts, any filter, no matter how good it is, is a ‘toxic waste dump’ collecting the toxic debris in your water and preventing its passage into your body. This debris remains in the filter and eventually blocks the filter.

Some cheap filters do not block up because the carbon they use allows ‘tunnels’ to form, which means water still gets through; it just isn’t filtered. We’ve seen this on too many occasions; people assuming their filter was still filtering when in fact it was a dangerous, potentially microbe infested waste dump.

How to Replace the UltraStream Filter Cartridge

The UltraStream is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. When you replace your UltraStream filter, in under a minute you can be enjoying the benefits clean, alkaline, ionised, hydrogen-rich water give you just like the day you bought it.

With the UltraStream, everytime you replace the filter, you basically have a brand new ioniser. The UltraStream is the clever way in water filtration!

Easy Maintenance

Replacing your UltraStream water filter is as easy as 1, 2, 3! To remove your old filter from the base, simply...

UltraStream Filter Replacement Direction
To install your new filter, reverse this sequence but in a clockwise direction. 

Data sheet

Filter Life 3000 litres
Weight 2.2kg / 4½lbs
Colour Porcelain White / Silver Black

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  • $649.00 In Stock
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    The UltraStream turns ordinary tap water into a hydrating, anti-oxidant, alkaline mineral rich water that quenches the thirst and tastes great. Equipped with a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system. COMES WITH ALKAWAY 3 YEAR WARRANTY! and 2 BONUS Stainless Steel Bottles from Klean Kanteen ($82.90 Value)

  • $175.00 In Stock

    The UltraStream Undersink kit will maximise your bench space so you can enjoy all the benefits the UltraStream Water filtration and alkalising unit will give you with all the bits conveniently hidden under the sink.

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