Building The Road to Health

Building The Road to Health

The Road to Regeneration & Health

Whether you're dealing with the effects of illness, or you simply have a desire to increase your energy levels, there are basic steps to implement when one chooses to walk the road to regeneration & health.

For living a vitality filled and prosperous life is every human beings "Creator Given Right".

The benefits of creating and maintaining an alkaline environment cannot be over emphasised.

That is, minimising and removing toxins that accumulate in the body and rehydrating.

For no matter how many vitamin and mineral supplements you take, if the body has accumulated toxins within it, all you're doing is feeding vitamins and minerals to a dehydrated, poisoned body.

First and foremost, the steps to implement are...


Hydration is paramount!

If you're wondering where that stream of vitality goes, be aware the the human cell is immortal if it can be kept in a permanent state of hydration.

Which leads us onto the importance of eating raw vegetables and fruit.

This is a must, not only for the vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, but for the alkaline rich water that makes up the fluid content contained within the RAW FOOD.

The water content of raw food is hydrogen ion rich (H-).

The moment you heat food raw food you instantly lose the hydrogen ion content.

Most people are not aware of what hydrogen ions are but we all know that beautiful feeling and smell that permeates through the air when it rains.

That's the abundance of hydrogen and oxygen.

As soon as it stops raining and the sun comes out, the heat of the sun consumes (with great vigour) that moisture-rich lung filling air.

Same deal in the rain forest!

You walk through the shaded, moist forest and smell the air... hydrogen and oxygen rich! You walk out of the rain forest and that calming feel of regeneration and the smell of potency is gone.

With that in mind, there is a list of things i would suggest everyone gain knowledge on to maintain and restore longevity and richness-in-health to your every day life.

6 steps to regenerate & improve your health

  1. Whether grandma knew it or not, that was the reason she said... "Eat your RAW greens!"
    Chlorophyll feeds the blood. If you unfamiliar with the benefits of chlorophyll, you would be well advised to have a read of "Thinking Vitality - Think C.O.W.S."
  2. Hydration, hydration, hydration! A quality water filter that alkalises and ionises transforming dead-tap water into vibrant living pH rich water. We recommend the UltraStream Water Filter.
  3. Concentrated hydrogen ions - MegaHydrate... see what hydrogen does to the cell.
    Look and absorb the knowledge of ORP readings.
  4. Familiarise yourself with both your saliva and urine pH levels using pH Test Strips.
    This literally is your account balance of your alkaline buffer reserves and how much spare you have if crisis or health issues arise.
  5. Remove all body burdens in the form of heavy metals, pesticides, toxins etc. from your blood.
    Most toxins can be easily removed using Daily Detox Activated Liquid Zeolite.
  6. Probiotics - Repair and rejuvenate your body's ability to absorb the nutrients that are contained in the foods you eat (the small intestine), and most importantly strengthen the body's ability to remove the by-product waste material (via the large intestine) with probiotics and fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso, Kefir, pickles and bitter herbs.

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About the Author

Brett Hayes has had an interest in human anatomy from around the age of seven.

Decades later and now with over thirty years’ experience as a body mechanic (injury repair), healer and teacher, the techniques of resurrection and regeneration that Brett shares encompass many aspects including breath/body synchronicity, structural alignment, mind direction and connection to Spirit.

He is the Head Coach and Developer of TriBreath, a practice that use ancient breathing rhythm's as the foundation for specific movements and techniques to help tone, fortify and strengthen your body's muscle and respiratory fitness.

Disclaimer: All information on this web site is for informational purposes only. Under no circumstance is any product on this site intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Please contact a medical doctor to diagnose and treat any medical condition.

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