UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package

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Clear the bench space and enjoy filtered, ionised alkaline mineral rich water straight from the kitchen sink.

Equipped with a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system. GENUINE ALKAWAY FILTER - COMES WITH FULL MANUFACTURERS 3 YEAR WARRANTY plus BONUS GIFT OPTIONS UP TO THE VALUE OF $125.00

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Brand: Alkaway

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UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package

Keep the kitchen clear and enjoy UltraStream quality water without taking any precious the bench space.

When you purchase the UltraStream Undersink Kit package, you will receive with your order...

  • 1 x UltraStream water filter (silver/black model).
  • 1 x Undersink Kit (everything you require to set your filter up).
  • Full 3 year AlkaWay Warranty.

The Undersink kit comes complete with...

  • 1 x Spout (Chrome, Brushed Nickel or Matt Black)
  • 1 x Vented Faucet
  • 1 x Pressure Limiting Valve
  • 1 x pH Reagent Test Kit
  • 1 x Installation and User Manual – Benchtop & Undersink

What you will need

  • Electric Drill
  • Metal Hole Saw - we use Sutton 25mm-32mm Cobalt BiMetal Hole Saw for stainless steel sinks (we recommend contacting a expert for stone benches).
  • Masking Tape
  • 2 x Adjustable Spanners.

The kit includes everything you need to install the UltraStream under the sink.

With the filter and connecting water pipes all hidden from view, the only thing you see is the attractive water outlet that delivers to you alkaline rich, purified ionised water.

Easy to install if you're handy with a drill and a pair of pliers making a plumber a non-requirement.

BONUS GIFT OPTION with Every COMPLETE UltraStream UnderSink Kit!

For a LIMITED TIME, we are offering two gift options...


  • One is an insulated stylish black model (946ml capacity). Being insulated it's perfect for the warmer days.

  • The other has a plain stainless steel finish with a sports cap offering 800ml capacity with a very good flow for drinking on the go.

We've been using these water bottles for years ourselves and can guarantee they are one of the best water bottles out there and are high quality (they can take a hit). Also available with the purchase of the UltraStream and Undersink Kit package.


  • MegaHydrate is a hydrogen ion supplement that increases the antioxidant potential of the water you drink for maximum absorption where it matters most! To learn more about MegaHydrate Powder click here

NOTE: At checkout, please let us know what gift option you would prefer to be included with your order.

Bonus Gifts with UltraStream

This offer is also available with every purchase of the UltraStream Bench Top model.

PLEASE NOTE: As the UltraStream produces hydrogen gas generation, a vented faucet must be used for every installation when putting the Ultrastream under the sink.  Failure to use a vented faucet can and will void warranty.

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UltraStream & Undersink Kit Package

Clear the bench space and enjoy filtered, ionised alkaline mineral rich water straight from the kitchen sink.

Equipped with a state of the art 8-stage water filtration and ionization system. GENUINE ALKAWAY FILTER - COMES WITH FULL MANUFACTURERS 3 YEAR WARRANTY plus BONUS GIFT OPTIONS UP TO THE VALUE OF $125.00

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19 06 2019

Ultrastream Undersink

I still have concern about the white residue left behind by alkaline water. I have been told it has calcium. But my concern is too much calcium can cause kidney stones.

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20 12 2018

Very happy

Just letting you know we're very happy with the purchase of the UltraStream from you. My husband had it set up in under an hour including putting the hole in the sink which was the hardest bit. It does drip a fair bit so as you suggested I place a glass under the spout and catch the water knowing there's a lot of hydrogen in that water. Thank you for going that extra mile and guiding my husband through the set up process so no plumber was needed. Water tastes so much better. Thank you

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The UltraStream detoxifies your water to an unsurpassed degree: fluoride, poisons, bacteria, chlorine, chloromines, heavy metals, volatile organics, trihalomethanes, arsenic. It's also an ioniser infusing massive amounts of hydrogen turning tap water into anti-oxidant hydrating goodness.

From delivery to set up, alkaline, ionised water is readily available. No tools are required if you have strong fingers. For those of us who feel their fingers aren't up to the job, a pair of pliers or multi-grips is all that is required.

UltraStream Water Filter - pH & ORP

Alkaline water is water that has a higher concentration of the alkaline buffers (magnesium, sodium, potassium & calcium) than acidic water has. It is the richness of these alkaline minerals that changes the waters properties.

Most municipal water supplies have calcium added to bring the alkalinity of the water supply up. This added calcium doesn't increase the waters hydrogen ion content. The molecular make up of water as we know is H2O (two parts hydrogen ions and one part oxygen). Without the hydrogen ions, fluids have limited ability to transport oxygen.

As Dr. Carrel (Nobel Prize Winner) said, "The cell is immortal; it is merely the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at intervals, give the cells what they require for nutrition, and as far as I know, the pulsation of life will go on forever".

In the video below, water from the tap is measured for pH (alkalinity) & ORP, then measured again once the water has passed through the Ultrastream filtration medium.

How to Replace the UltraStream Filter Cartridge

The UltraStream is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. When you replace your UltraStream filter, in under a minute you can be enjoying the benefits clean, alkaline, ionised, hydrogen-rich water give you just like the day you bought it. With the UltraStream, everytime you replace the filter, you have a brand new ioniser. The UltraStream is the clever way in water filtration!

UltraStream Water - It's Good Water


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